kingdom halls

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  • pepperheart

    Who owns a kingdom hall is it the local people or is it the watchtower via the branch office

  • JRK

    Most are deeded to the organization. They are trying to get them all under their control after the KH in Texas was taken over by the trustees on the deed to become a different church.

    I forget the name of the town, but I am sure someone else will comment and fill in the blanks.


    It was Bonham Texas, here is a link:

  • joe134cd

    There is also another famous case. If you google menlo park kingdom hall you will find something. Just a warning it's a stern example of what happens when individuals stand up to watchtower.

  • smiddy3

    I think we would all like to know what happened to the Bonham Texas that thread is 8 years old anyone ?

    And didn`t the WT come out unscathed with the Menlo Park K.H.? from memory !

  • joe134cd

    Menlo Park = Yeah watchtower legally slithered out of it by admitting they were "just like the catholic church" and throwing the body of elders under the bus.

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