The real story on why The Watchtower society lost a Kingdom hall in Bonham ,Texas.!

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  • koolaid-man

    What happened in Bonham, Texas?: The body of elders and the majority of the congregation decided to leave the Watch Tower organization. And with that, they took the Kingdom Hall. The remaining JWs and the Society sued in court to recover the Kingdom Hall.

    Nathan Natas commented on this board in 2003 about Bonham............So everybody who was involved in this thing is now dead, or has had their tongues cut out, or for some other reason is entirely incapable of communicating. Or maybe there are no competent reporters in that area of the country who actually know how to string questions together to build a story? Or perhaps these so-called "apostates" are all either lepers or absolutely refuse to discuss their traumatic drama with anyone "from the outside."

    The story is still very fragmentary and incomplete. I'd like to know the who, what, where, when and how of the entire affair. How did the schism originate? What were the theological issues, if any? How long did this take to go from start to finish? How many people were affected? In what way? What are they doing now?

    The way the story is told so far, it's just like if I "told the story" of the bible by saying, "Some gal ate some fruit."

    Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe this is absolutely the most deadly-boring tale that could ever possibly be told. Maybe everyone who was involved is lacking the human gene that makes us want to tell our stories.

    I'm sure if we just ignore it or forget it long enough, it will fade from memory, just like the WTS leadership wishes it would.

    I find this mildly frustrating.

    Tonight Saturday, June 26 at 7p.m.EST the whole story will be told. Former Bonham Texas elder Tony Jones will be on the Dialogue conference call with host Richard Rawe on the six screens telenetwork. It's easy to get on the call, just dial 712-432-8710 and when asked for pin use 9925. Lines open at 6:45 p.m. EST. So come in early and talk with all of those who have been "touched by the tentacles of the Watchtower".

  • confliction


    Could somebody document (record) this entire dialogue? It could be posted on youtube, and make any claims thereafter that much more credible.

  • minimus

    sounds good!!

  • koolaid-man

    The whole program will be recorded and in a few days up ..........

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Rick, you and Richard ARE the MAN! ...maybe even more than one... two MEN!

    The answer to an apostate's "eager expectation of things hoped for."

    I will >>try<< to be on, and I eagerly anticipate the posting of the recording on the DIALOGUE page at the SIX SCREENS OF THE WATCHTOWER website.

    May your tribe increase!

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    As good as the program was, it left some questions unanswered.

    Unfortunately, no one has (yet) collected the court records (Federal Circuit And Federal District Courts near Bonham, TX) that document the issues and arguments of both sides. We did learn that today that Kingdom Hall still stands, vacant, with one of it's two former watchtowers missing, like an ancient remnant of Babylon or some other lost civilization. We don't know who is currently paying the property taxes on this parcel of land, and we don't even know who really has legal title to it; Tony Jones told us that he doesn't have the title, and the other elder who was with Tony back in the day has died, so the possibility exists that after all this time the title has gone back to the WTB&TS, or - perhaps more likely - that it was quit-claimed over to one of the lawyers who helped the WTB&TS fight for it.

    On the map, Bonham looks like it is about about 100 miles NNE of Dallas. Perhaps some enterprising Dallas apostate will decide to be a historian and get the court records and newspaper clippings from that time - approximately the mid-1980s. At least one of the newspapers that operated in the area back then are out of business today, but hopefully a library - maybe even a Dallas library - would have microfilm records. Also worth getting would be the property tax records for the parcel. All of these items should be public record.

    Thanks Richard and Rick for making this teleconference possible.

  • asilentone

    I would like to see the pic of the kingdom hall for the record.

  • koolaid-man

    The program should be up to listen to on Thursday . I will post the link.

  • Violia

    I recall this very well. Indeed it has been kept quiet. I just checked and so far do not see it on 6 screens. I would very much like to read it b/c I knew members of the original cong and was among those who helped build the new KH.

    Donny is from this area and has posted some on this.

    Just did a google on this and Amazing has responded on a thread entiteld Re: bonham

    I typed in Ralph Deal and Bonham texas and various things come up.

  • steve2

    I remember reading about this many years ago - roughly within the same few years in which Ray published CoC but unrelated to it.

    I often wondered what had subsequently happened - so many questions still unasnwered. How many witnesses were involved? How many quit? Are there still JWs active in this area? Where's the next nearest kingdom hall to the supposedly disused one in Bonham or is it just an unused building because the witnesses now use another one? I await answers with continued interest - but I somehow doubt they will be answered with any documentation. Here's hoping...

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