A Brother refusing to pray?

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  • HereIgo

    I remember there was a Brother in my congregation while I was in who would comment at all meetings but if asked to pray at a meeting or meeting for service he would always politely refuse. I always found it odd, i assumed as a young bro, that a bro was kind of obligated to pray if asked. Knowing what I know now, it could have been a guilty conscience or maybe he just wanted to be lowkey. Has anyone else seen or heard of this?

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    Possible reasons:

    1: Guilty Conscience (like you said)

    2: Shy (kind of like you said)

    3: Classified as a 'Sexual Predator' by the body of elders (such ones usually aren't allowed privileges beyond preaching per instructions from headquarters)

    4: He Knows TTATT

  • darkspilver

    3: Classified as a 'Sexual Predator' by the body of elders (such ones usually aren't allowed privileges beyond preaching per instructions from headquarters)

    Unlikely? Because I'd have presumed the body of elders would have known not to ask him then - maybe a M/S at a F/S arrangement might ask him?

    5: Under restrictions - but again unlikely due to above

    I think it's just nerves - HereIgo says he just answered up - no school items? no platform demos? - so much more likely to be nerves

  • cobweb

    Just after i got baptised, the presiding overseer came up to me in the meeting break as i was coming back from the bathroom. He asked me if i would like to say the closing prayer. I said, thanks but no i'd rather not. I didn't explain, i just smiled and said 'i'd rather not'. It was just nerves. I didn't really think too much about it. I never got asked again, but that suited me and i wasn't fussed. I wasn't one for reaching out although i did auxiliary pioneer.

    I did other things, read the watchtower, mics, took service groups, said prayer at the group study. But it seemed like saying no to saying the prayer at the hall that one time was enough to not be asked again. I expect they thought it was a snub to me but i was happy about it.

  • ToesUp

    Hi Herelgo. I sent you a PM.

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    The guy was probably privately reproved and on restrictions.

    I had first hand experience in my younger days :). Such fond memories growing up in ' the truth '. A teenager facing 3 elders spending a solid 20 mins humiliating me in front of my family in order to reprove me.

    Being privately reproved usually means you were a whisker away from being disfellowshipped and as such, you would lose any privileges you had as a baptised brother, including giving prayers.

    When I asked what to say if someone should inadvertantly ask me to pray, the answer was I was required to politely decline.

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    Edited to add, the only things I was 'allowed' to do were, answering at meetings and I could go witnessing.

  • HereIgo

    Joey Joe, im starting to to agree that reproof was the reason. I was so young and naïve when I was in the org, I didn't know any better. He was an older bro, never gave talks from the platform, but was at meetings and always commented, which is why I doubt the nerve theory, otherwise I doubt he would even comment. He was a very intelligent man who im sure could give a prayer quite easily. Its interesting all of the rules and discipline that happens behind the scenes.

  • scratchme1010

    Has anyone else seen or heard of this?

    No, and thought it could be a reprove, it could have also been good old discomfort or shyness.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    If on private reproof, not so common these days, even the Ministerial Servants would be informed not to use him for privileges. So he was just not into it. It happens.

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