RUSSIA: Many meetings raided and evidence planted

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  • Thisismein1972

    This planting of evidence is nothing more than propaganda designed to make the org look good. As with everything western at the moment. It is all Russia's fault.


    You cannot legislate morality, or intelligence. Religitards will always exist. Persecuting their beliefs will NEVER work. In the future, Religitards will flee to other planets in the galaxy to escape persecution. There, in the cold depths of space, they can freely worship Kroggnar on New Plymouth Rock...

    The only....ONLY way to keep religion in check, is by hurting them financially, because they will NEVER do the right thing on their own. Religions MUST be taxed. Those who refuse to pay, must be fined out of existence.

    Can't pay?? That's ok, your Church is now a Micro-brewery.

    DD 😇

  • Sanchy

    is to remove all references to the superiority of their religion over all others in their literature and teachings, such as Armageddon

    Wouldn't this in effect ban the religion? No matter how you go about defending these laws DJS, they are an attempt by the state against universal human rights, as repeated by various international courts.

    Here's a video of some of Vlad's henchman attempting to plant the now banned Bible Teach book within the kingdom halls:

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    Russia has being a repressive country and will probably continue to be like this in our life time.

  • Mephis

    Leave a cult, shill for Putin. Makes sense to me.

    US Commission on International Religious Freedom is a bipartisan group which provides information to the US government. On Putin's last batch of 'anti-extremist laws' in May:

    “These deeply flawed anti-terrorism measures will buttress the Russian government’s war against human rights and religious freedom,” said USCIRF Chair Thomas J. Reese, S.J. “They will make it easier for Russian authorities to repress religious communities, stifle peaceful dissent, and detain and imprison people. Neither these measures nor the currently existing anti-extremism law meet international human rights and religious freedom standards.”
    The anti-terrorism measures would, among other provisions, amend the 1997 Russian religion law by redefining “missionary activities” as religious practices that take place outside of state-sanctioned sites. The new law thus would ban preaching, praying, proselytizing, and disseminating religious materials outside of these officially-designated sites, and authorize fines of up to $15,000 for these activities conducted in private residences or distributed through mass print, broadcast or online media. Foreign missionaries also must prove they were invited by state-registered religious groups and must operate only in regions where their sponsoring organizations are registered; those found in violation face deportation and major fines.
    No, no these are not 'very good laws'. They're the legal tools of a repressive regime and shouldn't be applauded unless you're keen to see those laws applied against your own beliefs because someone has decided to label you an 'extremist'.
  • smiddy

    I`m inclined to agree with Stephane here , penalise them, JW , for their violation of religious freedom.

  • Saename

    Too bad they aren't doing it because of their shunning practices or child sexual abuse cases... Then, at least, the world would know they deserve it.

    Having that said, I still feel a bit sad about those Jehovah's Witnesses that are innocent who'll get punished for nothing more than just being gullible and believing the Governing Body... But well... what can you do?

    Although I still doubt Russia will get anywhere with that approach...

  • zeb

    saename. I agree. but if the wts was a bible society and not ever publishing 'new' ? books of its own revelation then normal decent people in Russia just might be left alone.

  • DJS

    The following practices/teachings have been or still are part of various religions around the world:

    Child sacrifice. Human sacrifice. Stoning adulterers. Burning witches. Public stockades to punish heresy. Forced female genital mutilation. Forced subjugation of 50% of the population (females) that includes: not being able to vote, drive, own property, go to secondary school or even get an education. own a business, etc.. Forced marriage/sex between men and under-age girls (yes I'm talking about you Mohammed. You too Warren Jeffs). Forced sexual relations between men and underage boys (I'm talking about you Afghan warlord. And a large portion of Islam). Banning certain types of food with punishment if the rule is violated. Honor killings. Gang raping a 16 year old girl, guilty of nothing, because her 20 year old brother offended Mohammed.

    Forced segregation of races, including not serving people of a different race when they come to a commercial, for profit, government supported entity.Forbidding whites and blacks to marry and using the bible or other religious book as the reason. Forbidding gays to marry and refusing to serve those in the LGBT community because of religious reasons.

    And yet the world - or at least the civilized world - has enacted and enforced laws against all of the above. Except for Islam of course. But there is hope, even for them. I read recently that Pakistan kinda sorta maybe thought it could be a really good idea of people quit killing their significant others or relatives (isn't it strange how all of those killed are females and all of those killing are males?) and that honor killings should maybe end and that there just might need to be a law and enforcement of that law.

    Everyone of these practices were or still are claimed by the religious/religion as being part of their special rights as humans to worship their god or gods in whatever manner they desire.

    Is there anyone on this site that will support ANY of the above practices or teachings that includes NOT having a law against them? Anyone? Any of you Libertarians? Ms. Rand? Paul Rand? Rand Paul? Ron Rand? Rand Ron? Rand Rand?

    So there is no such thing as universal human freedom. All freedom has limits. Governments set those limits; somtimes they get it right the first time out of the gate. Sometimes they dont. And sometimes they wait too long due to religious pressure. We evolve and learn and grow as a species, but the planet is a more accepting, tolerant place than it has ever been. Good laws and enforcement of those laws is one of the key components. The religious people in Russia still have a right to believe whatever they want to believe; they just can't practice SOME things or teach SOME things that the Russian law precludes

    How about you Jesus lovin' theists?? Is there ANYTHING in the above list that you think you should have the right to practice above the law of the land?

    Your Ayn Rand speciousness comes across just like every Libertarian presidential candidate ever and ever to come. Naive. Uneducated. Simple. Immature. Bum Fuck Kentuck might elect you, but once the nation sees how childish your views you will get your collective asses kicked. But I do see where Gary Johnson has about 7% of the vote (can you believe this guy? I mean really, he was the governor of a state? Really? I mean fucking really?).

    So if you draw the line at the above, let's all just have a communal moment where we agree that religious beliefs and practices have limits and it has and will be appropriate for government entities to place legal limits on those beliefs and practices. And thank god the SCOTUS has quieted the gay haters; otherwise, some of the above would start a new war. You lost, bigots, haters, wannabes. Stay quiet. Stay. Good puppy.

    You see class, governments would love for all of us to have a Rodney King mentality where we all just get along. Or a John Lennon imagination. It's the same with your HR dept. But since we cannot seem, as a species to get along, laws are necessary. A government may not be able to change your heart, but they can damned well change your behavior. History has shown when governments rule in a just and fair manner by enacting and enforcing much needed laws to protect us FROM religion, that society sooner rather than later catches up to those laws with their attitudes and behaviors.

    As I've pointed out before (and really, class, you heard it here fist - you are welcome), the Russian anti extremist law is pure gold, as it is the ONLY legislation enacted after the events of Sep. 11, 2001 that seeks to address the problem of religious extremism at its root cause. Hundreds of governments enacted post 9/11 laws designed to give governments more tactical powers to combat extremism. Russian laws were the only ones that addressed this issue from a strategic view.

    Vlad and his Impalers determined that the root cause of religious extremism is based on god is with me and not thee and furthermore god told me to kill thee or convert thee. And they are right.

    The law is brilliant, and the courts have been fair minded and patient. The draconian KGBish behavior of Vlad's goons, although not surprising, is sad but in the final analysis has nothing to do with the law. They are separate issues.

    Russia is full of Muslims, Xtains and others who remain free to practice their religions; they just can't preach jihad, fatwas have to fall under the laws regulations, they can't preach that god is going to destroy thee but not me, they can't restrict such things as proper medical care/blood transfusion, and they can't destroy families.

    And Saername, the shunning issue was one of the issues brought against the DarkLords in one of the recent, compelling case against it.

    Just say thank you DJS.

  • Tenacious

    I feel bad for the friends to whom it happens to. We all have to remember that the majority of friends are mind conditioned and truly believe they are suffering for God.

    I don't however, feel bad when it happens to ass***** like elders and friends that act like dictators and "lord over" other lowly friends. I wouldn't piss on them even if they were on fire.

    If it happened to any of the GB I would probably dance a jig.

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