Sometimes I think Jehovah's Witnesses overuse the word "historic"

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  • slimboyfat

    At the beginning of the May broadcast Stephen Lett said this was a historic broadcast. How so?

    He explained that every member of the Governing Body had hosted a show and they were starting over again. That was all the explanation he gave.

    I titled this thread "Jehovah's Witnesses overuse the word historic". But as a matter of fact I don't remember ordinary Witnesses using the word in everyday conversation ever.

    Sometimes I think the Governing Body tend to overuse the word "historic".

  • freemindfade
    They are mispronouncing hysterical
  • sir82
    In the JW TV video of the "model meeting" for the CLAM, the chairman refers to the meeting itself as "historic".
  • sparrowdown

    Yeah, "historic" as in WT trumpet blast kind of "historic" also known as delusions of grandeur.

    In years to come "Grumpy Cat" will be considered more "historic" than any WT announcement or event.

    The WT doesn't get to decide what events are "historic" history does!

    They overuse the word "truth" as well.

  • OneEyedJoe
    Just like the historic convention in ohio that fulfilled prophecy. It's all just an appeal to the ego of JWs. Puff them up with false significance and it gives them further to fall should they ever doubt. The more of their self worth they can get them to invest in their association with the cult, the less likely they'll be to risk losing it by examining their doubts.
  • nowwhat?
    Funny how the world in general is never aware of these historic epic events.
  • DesirousOfChange

    Historic yawns.

    Image result for yawn


  • DesirousOfChange
    nowwhat?: Funny how the world in general is never aware of these historic epic events.

    You mean like all those trumpets blown in the 1920's? (Revelation Book)
    How did the world in general miss all that?

  • sparrowdown
    Exactly Doc! "Historic" = Deja yawn.
  • quincemyles
    Nice one Doc.

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