Obviously Jehovah and Christ Jesus never felt the same way about Satan as Jehovah`s Witnesses do ? or other Christians for that matter .

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  • smiddy3

    Simply put , Jehovah tolerated Satan coming and going before him in the heavenly realm for six thousand years before having him cast out of heaven .

    Think about that, six thousand years .! and having conversations Jehovah and Satan .No shunning of him in all this time .6000 years. We have an example of that in the book of Job.and elsewhere.

    The same is true with Jesus Christ ,according to the Jehovah`s Witnesses he was the first born of all creation and he also obviously tolerated Satan for six thousand years .Their is no example of shunning their either .

    Jesus was tempted by Satan for fourty days { why was he with him for fourty days anyway ? } as well as going up in a mountain with Satan willingly so Satan could tempt him again , what was wrong with this person ? Was he a glutton for punishment ?

    But despite all of the foregoing and Jesus in all that time not shunning Satan it took him another two thousand years to oust Satan from heaven {so for six thousand years Jehovah and Jesus tolerated Satan coming and going in the heavenly realm } and where did he oust him to ? Earth , thanks Jesus that was a real loving thing to do ,you could have put him anywhere in the Universe on any uninhabited planet , but no you chose to put him down here on earth to mess with us yet again.

    That he was already doing so for the past six thousand years anyway ? Go figure ?

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    Yeah, Jehovah and Jesus cleaned up their house of Satan and threw him down to the earth where all the poor humans, under the burden of sin, now had to suffer even more with the original "murderer" of their parents.

    I'm glad God loves us. Imagine if he hated us?

  • stillin

    Lions have to eat too.

  • jookbeard

    what a loving god, and what a kind gift for all mankind casting down Satan and his demons to the earth, as if mankind didn't have enough problems to contend with, I think I know who the evil one really is and it isnt the guy in red with horns and a fork.

  • eyeuse2badub

    With a friend like jehober, who needs enemies?

    just saying!

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