KISS - Knights In Satan's Service

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  • Vidiot

    All the bands are satanic!

    SLAYER - "Satan's Legacy And Young Enema Receptacle"

    CREED - "Christians Really Eat Energy Drinks"

    RAFFI - "Reconstituted Anchovy Fat Freak Incident"

    WIGGLES - "Wormwood Incubus Gehenna Gomorrah Enki Succubesses"

    See how easy is is?

  • _Morpheus

    In fairness slayer actually embraces the occult and wildy racist lyrics.... i listen anyway

  • baker
    Always thought KISS was Keep it Simple Stupid (or Sam), just like FORD was Fix Or Repair Daily or Found On Road Dead. Just playing with words.
  • jhine

    Yeah , l know KISS as Keep It Simple Stupid . Strangely my C of E vicar used it recently ! The mind boggles as to what JWs would make of that LOL


  • skin

    ACDC: antichrist demonic children. Was the JW spin on the meaning here.

  • baker

    Another ACDC is short for Australian Cult Data Center or Australian Kingdom Hall Library

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    I remember when this went around back in the 80's. I was never allowed to have a KISS record because of it.

    Never mind that it was an unsubstantiated urban legend, and that they couldn't name one song that made a single mention of Satan. Once it was repeated from the platform, like everything else it became true to them.

  • Vidiot

    @ Morpheus...


    Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo is a hard-core born-again Christian.

    Slayer is like the Stephen Colbert of "satanic" metal.

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