Millennial hopes?

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  • JWdaughter

    It's been a long time since I was in, so please school me on this subject.

    If, in WT teaching, Jesus took over his "kingdom" in 1914, doesn't that mean that in WT world view, that the millennium is more than 100 years gone already?

    If the last 102 years is a foretaste of his power, then eternity is looking more interesting than I anticipated.

  • JWdaughter
    I'm bumping this. Bad timing, though,
  • Ruby456

    this is a tough question jwdaughter. what I mean to say is that the future Jehovahs witnesses predicted ought already to have begun and we ought to be at least 2 years into it.

    well for me this is also points to a scientific puzzle regarding the past the present and the future in that we can only every be and become in the present. does this make sense? (if I don't make sense it is because I have to overlap what I learn from my studies with my life at present) just ignore me if I don't make sense.

  • cofty

    I think it goes something like the following.

    Jesus took up power in heaven in 1914 by casting Satan out.

    His 1000 year rule will begin after armageddon. What exactly the 102 years have been about since 1914 keeps changing. Why bother preaching to a generation that are dead before armageddon anyway?

  • skin

    In 2014 there was a WT magazine that celebrated 100 years of kingdom rule.

  • smiddy

    Well by my calculations you are of course right .

    Jesus Christ was to rule for 1000 years , and if his rule started in 1914 , then 102 years have already past.

    So what the heck has he been doing ? Nothing from what I can see. Can you point to anything ?

    Lets put it another way , if the next 900 years of Jesus Christ Rule is anything like the first 100 years then current politicians of this world puts Jesus Christ to shame , at least the politicians do get some things right.

    How many flip flops , changes in interpretations of scripture , nu -lite ,old -lite , back to nu-lite , re-adjustments ,

    clarifications ,refinements , etc,etc, can JESUS make instructing the Governing Body in his first 100 years .?

    It certainly doesn`t build any confidence in me about his leadership.

    I think he should be sacked

    Actually , it doesnt say much about the guy who recomended him for the job either.


  • Ruby456

    as the end has not come as predicted the watchtower leadership have an ethical responsibility towards their members regarding, for example, the blood issue and the deaths that resulted and the suffering inflicted on families. Jehovah cannot forgive the leadership if the voices of the innocent are crying out to him can he?

    what about other decisions that people felt compelled to make that cost them dearly?

  • scary21

    I believe they teach two comings. When he comes at the big A 1000 years starts then.

    Really it would be three comings once he was born, then 1914 (present),kicks Satans ass, then at the end times he comes to kill everyone so the wonderful 1000 years of cleaning up shit can start.

    NUTTY !!!

  • Luo bou to
    Luo bou to

    You don't have to be crazy to accept WT doctrinal thinking but it helps if you are just turn off your brain and say yes GB whatever you say

  • JWdaughter

    I am asking so that if a JW ever shows up at my door (more likely I would approach one of the human magazine racks sitting on a bench) that I could ask them. I don't like to go into those conversations without knowing what they are actually teaching. I am a little confused on how that one goes these days.

    Skin, I will go find that magazine, thanks so much.

    Thanks to everyone. If nothing else, we can see that JWs are probably not going to have a firm response on this most critical issue or a firm anything. Well, they probably were schooled about their handshake at last weeks meeting. It might be firm.

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