November 3, 2017 TO ALL CONGREGATIONS IN THE US BRANCH Re: Update on Recent Natural Disasters

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  • wifibandit
  • exjwlemming

    6-12 months of volunteer service? I guess that they think that the brothers are independently wealthy and have no reason to work a regular 9-5 job to pay the bills? They have no clue on what it's like to support themselves and possibly a family. They all aren't fortunately able to suck the free tit at Warwick.

  • flipper

    Thanks for posting the link to this letter. Interesting, no word in that letter about assisting ' worldly ' victims- just our ' brothers and sisters ' . The first 2 paragraphs of self congratulations and patting their own collective WT backs and ego about how ' caring ' the WT Society is to only their own - reminds me of self congratulatory messages Donald Trump always tweets about himself. Makes me want to puke

  • Magnum

    From the letter: "In addition to the millions of dollars made available by the organization to the Disaster Relief Committees, thus far 1,600 tons of relief supplies have been donated by hundreds of congregations and individuals throughout the country."

    Notice that it is written that millions of dollars are "made available" (italics mine) by the organization, whereas relief supplies were "donated" by congregations and publishers. There is a difference between making something available and donating something. The org is not donating a @#$% thing; never will.

    The funds are probably made available, for example, in that the org will purchase discounted materials and then use free labor to make repairs. It (the org) will then get the insurance checks from the properties worked on. It will make money off the process. It will mark up the price of the materials, thus recovering its original expense and making a profitt. Also, it will make a huge profit on the free labor.

    So, yeah, the funds are made available - temporarily - until the org can get them back with a nice profit. The org never donates anything or makes funds available unless doing so serves its greed.

  • steve2

    If JWs must use the Bible as an authority on their moral boasting, here are two Scriptures that could teach them a thing or two about the humility of extending help beyond their own:

    Matthew 5:46 and Luke 6:32:

    "If you show love only to those who love you, what great thing are you doing? Even non-believers do that."

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    flipper I think Trump took lessons from the WT. Who else is there to study than the Wt. in making you look like a asshole? Lol. Still Totally ADD

  • Lostandfound

    Wot! NO appeal for cash buried in the letter, someone in the Branch letter composition team must be sacked ! A Golden opportunity for a cash pleamissed, this must never happen again, signed AM3

  • tiki

    Magnum said it all. They work it to increase the cash coffers.

  • sir82

    6-12 months of volunteer service? I guess that they think that the brothers are independently wealthy and have no reason to work a regular 9-5 job to pay the bills?

    Probably hoping to snare all the full-time Warwick construction guys who were sent back "to the field" after Warwick was finished - at least the guys who are still struggling to fit into the real world.

    We got a couple in our congregation who came here after 2-3 years at Warwick. Just kind of drifting along, pioneering, no real direction in life, then wifey got preggers. Baby due in a month or so.

    Woopsie! I'm sure they will be kicking themselves when they hear this letter.

    You can tell - this guy used to be considered (or considered himself, anyway) a "rock star" at Warwick, and now is just another faceless schlub in a random congregation in a random city. Could've been back to "rock star" status, driving heavy construction equipment in P.R....but now he'll be changing diapers.

  • tor1500


    How the words of a JW...there is nothing wrong with helping our own...but then pay forward. The Society helps their brothers and sisters first...and that's a good thing...just like in your own first...but when they get on their feet, then help their neighbors...

    JW's are so inbred...they eat up the compliments when others say, oh it's so wonderful that you help one another, but what about the Red Cross and other emergency responses...they come to anyone rescue...but just think if witnesses extended the help they's called pay forward, someone helps you and you help someone...


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