today I found out that I am also made in the image of the bible god.

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  • prologos

    I felt that I always was in tune with the universe, it's, creative drive, the ongoing work, a working creator,----- but today I found out I am also made in the image of the other, the bible god. how?

    A low life of the thieving community stole my blue permanent handicap parking wheelchair hanger out of my vehicle. I would have cleaned all of them off the face of the earth at that moment. Then it occurred to me, that in the bible story, god actually did that, over one stolen fruit, he assigned to certain death billions of humans, and even changed the peaceful habits of animals to voracity. so, am I excused from my over reacting? There were plenty of more fruit, and future crops on that tree, and a replacement card is only a few sheckels?

  • prologos

    well It is good that I am unable to implement my fury, unlike the mythological gods, including the JJ duality.--Bought a renewal blue wheelchair hanger today and passed on the easy to remember number of the stolen one, it should turn up in our oversized village, and the police will be waiting. easy does it.

    BsW there is new forbidden fruit tempting to be stolen in the NT: Acts 1:7.

    "---TIME' who the father has put in his [exclusive] jurisdiction." researchers in cosmology beware.

  • zeb

    that is not rage prologos is an outraged sense of justice.

  • prologos

    Zeb, yes, I think it is outrageous that the old, the handicapped are targeted, or worse. the young, Yet in nature, predators follow that pattern, opportunistically. and: The Governing Body dabbling in the latter day forbidden fruit, "time" and appointed times, exposes them and their spiritual dependants to divine outrage too, (remember this is under the humour section). Theft is no laughing matter.

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