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  • vienne


    Then you didn't look at all. Prove your point. Our blog, active since 2007, is full of footnoted articles, photos of original documents and similar things. Your comment is BS.

  • sparrowdown

    V- So does your history and the WTBTS version of their history match up, agree ?

  • vienne


    You do not like the Watchtower. That's fine. There are many reasons why some do not. But your angry comment is off topic. Would not the best way to oppose something be from what really happened and what was really said.

    I do not accept Watchtower theology of the Russell era, except in some small areas where my personal belief system derives from Russellite antecedents. History is not about accepting or opposing something. Best history is story telling but done accurately. We write to tell the story, not to bring approval to a discredited religious philosophy or to support a doctrinal set. You are allowed your anger. But you are not allowed to misrepresent others. Go back and look at the blog again. There are hundreds of posts that are documented either with footnotes or photos of the original documents.

    An example:

  • vienne


    Do they match up? In places. Sometimes the watchtower gets it right. But we tell you things they do not. They won't tell you about Russell's early associates who left. We give a huge amount of detail. Vol. 3 of Separate Identity will have the story of Conley, Paton, and Jones' and why they left the Watch Tower. In volume 2 we tell about several who did and why.

    I think the major difference is that we tell a full, as complete as we can make it, account. They abbreviate because they're not really writing history. They're writing self-praise. With great probability, they will never quote from our books. A preview of Separate Identity vol. 1 is here.

    Judge for yourself. Personally, I think that Penton [latest edition of Apoc. Delayed] and Zoe Knox recommend our books indicates that we will not get anything from the Watchtower that might take adherents to it.

  • Vidiot

    I saw Plan of the Ages in passing, and for a second, thought it said Planet of the Apes...

  • lastmanstanding


    Why not spend some gobs of time documenting Jimmy Swaggart? Sure, he’s got lots to talk about. You could write reams...

    For me, all I needed to do is hear his BS once. I didn’t even need to hear about the two times he was caught hiring prostitutes.

    Looking forward to seeing you spend your thin life poring over Jimmy’s crap.

  • vienne


    Yet here you are back reading my posts. ... I understand that you do not like the Watchtower and are incurious about its past. But you're also obsessed with it. Shame. Probably explains why you became a Witness in the first place and why you didn't stay.

  • Gorbatchov

    Great research!



    sparrowdown13 hours ago

    V- So does your history and the WTBTS version of their history match up, agree ?

    How could it match up? The WTS is famous for it's 'revisionist history' The WTS doesn't like it's current position? Rewrite the history in their review books. Hello Nazi Germany, Hello 'should you believe in the trinity'

  • vienne

    Thanks Gorb.

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