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  • refiners fire
    refiners fire


    Ive been doing a bit of Reading of Raelian publications, and present some highlights from Raels book “SENSUAL MEDITATION” for your edification. The book presents 6 lessons in “sensual mediation” ™ each escalating above the previous lesson in levels of awareness and overcoming irrationally programmed self loathing and societally induced sexual repression. Rael recommends creating a special chamber for your sensual meditations first lesson.

    Candlelight is suggested. The chamber should have images that you find stimulating, perhaps paintings that you are fond of, and perfumes that pleasantly stimulate your sense of smell.These are of your own choice. Classical music of your choice to stimulate your hearing and fire the brain patterns up is a necessity. To stimulate the sense of taste Rael suggests aniseed, something spicy that you are partial to.

    So as to harmonize with the infinite Rael specifically recommends nude meditation, if not nude then, better still, a robe of silky flimsy material to titilate your body is a good idea. It is most necessary to be very aware of your body, as we will discover. Many of the initial techniques, involving oxygenation and the clearing of all external awareness, “centering”, are nothing new to anyone who has engaged in meditation before.

    It is in the third lesson that things start to get… 'interesting'. In the third lesson Rael directs extreme awareness into the fingertips and exploration of our own body. Page 110 recommends something most of us likely haven’t tried:

    … “discovering the taste of our own skin”…

    Rael explains:

    … “by sucking our finger tips and then the skin of our own arm, we discover what we taste like. Our own unique flavour”….

    This extends into sampling the taste of our own underarm odour, a pleasant thought, but Rael has only BEGUN to lead us upon our discovery of our own bodies as he explores the sense of smell:

    Page 110: ..“Then, still with our eyes closed, we explore our own body smells”.

    He suggests a shower the night before to remove grime, and then:

    “allow the body, overnight, to produce the secretions responsible for our body smells”….

    Enough to put some off the idea of venturing further I would think. But the journey is not over yet . Rael would have us overcome all implanted, irrational tabboos

    Taught to us by mother and the church:

    … “Then we once again caress our body with our hands, discovering every part of our physique as if for the first time”…

    Rael recommends a mirror be employed, this is needed to:

    … “ look at certain less accessible parts of our body as we caress them”…

    These include:

    …” particularly our sexual organs”….

    And, as the culmination of exercise 3:

    … “Our anus itself. which we can see using our mirror”…

    As we inspect and caress it! Rael gushes effusively, describing it as:

    … “ this fabulous toy….which expects only one thing. That we enjoy it”.

    I might post highlights from lessons 4 5 and 6 if anyones interested.

  • StinkyPantz


    Well. . is it okay that I feel a little hot and bothered after reading all of that ?

    This Rael person is starting to sound a little bit better to meVisit Smiley Central!:

    Rael recommends a mirror be employed

    Hmm. . . interesting . . .

  • Prisca

    Monkey has alot to answer for, opening all those closet doors this evening....

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Zer are some technique in lesson 5 zat require multiple participants. I wonder if Monkey would be interested?

    ( I already know you two are)

  • teejay

    >>>> In the third lesson Rael directs extreme awareness into the fingertips and exploration of our own body.

    That's all well and good, RF, but I've explored my own body's sights and smells enough, thank you very much. I'd rather explore other bodies. Much more fun.

  • Prisca

    C'mon RF, you have to carry on with the lessons.... you can't leave everyone standing around with their fingers up their bums.

  • StinkyPantz

    Well, I'm naked and ready for lesson one. . RF come show me how it's done?

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire


    Well it appears there are those who thirst for the wisdom of Rael. So…...

    In lesson 4 a troublesome threshold has to be crossed. This is the barrier between sensually exploring our own body and exploring the body of another. One foreign to us. To cross the barrier of embarrassment this idea involves, Rael insists that one must meditate upon the Raelian symbol of the swastika set into the star of David. Zis is a symbol of the infinitely small, the infinitely large, and the infinity of time.

    But enough of such nonsense.

    Lesson 5:

    ..“In contrast to the first 4 exercises this one cannot be done alone, a partner is necessary”...

    Rael assures us, this is not a sexual meditation per se, though it could involve a sexual encounter:

    …. “this cassette can be listened to when we are with someone in whose company we simply wish to develop our personal awakening and blossoming”…

    Rael assures us:

    … “ We are not caressing, we are gently kneading the organism we are discovering, it is better to press slightly to hard than too soft. We are becoming aware of the texture of our partners flesh as we follow the contours of their bones thru the skin. Our thumbs are working this living matter which makes up another world”…

    Of course, this relates only to the sense of touch. The other senses need to be explored also, involving tasting and sniffing! … But decency forbids mention of such things!

    Naturally, because of our "programming" the first reaction of touching a foreign and unknown body produces feelings of :

    …“tension, a coiling away from something alien, but bit by bit…our body realises that the finger movements on our skin are expected, anticipated and wished for. This expectancy turns to pleasure and increases the feeling of unity”…

    I bet it does.

    …” The act of discovering that physical contact with others is possible …is going to deeply modify our feelings and reactions toward others. We will not see those we meet in the same way. We wil no longer consider others as people with whom we can only communicate verbally, through sight and sound”…

    No dear ones. Now we can lick, nibble and sniff at those we meet. Lol.

    Lesson 6 will be summarized in the X rated area of the forum.

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Stinky (pantz):

    My glasses steamed up re reading meditation number six, but when I read that you were naked and in anticipation they cracked. Ive got another pair here somewhere...

    By the way, there are twelve "meditations" but the mysteries of the last 6 are only revealed to the "initiated" at Raelian meditation centres.


  • StinkyPantz


    Where might one find a meditation center?

    I'm kidding

    BTW. . I think I like you. . don't we like each other ?

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