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  • Holden Caufield
    Holden Caufield

    who else as a result of being a Jw has been cynical of relationships.

  • karter

    Stepping out of the jw's into the world has its challenges but I joined a dating site and it was a lot of fun and I eventually found the one we have been together for 3 wonderful years. Put every pre conserved idear about people in the world behind you and move on and move up. If you need any ideas about writing a profile pm me I'll help you out. Karter

  • scratchme1010

    who else as a result of being a Jw has been cynical of relationships.

    Not as a result of being a JW, but since I was born in, I never had a good realistic foundation about relationships.

  • nonjwspouse

    it wasn't until being married to a born-in, non-baptized, long inactive, but still mentally "in" JW that I, myself, have become cynical of relationships. That is the only viewpoint I am qualified to make.

    If I were to become divorced or widowed, I seriously doubt I could trust someone as I was able to before this marriage.

  • steve2

    I tried dating a worldly person once but I kept getting different answers: 35 years, 250 years and 980 (!) years. I wasn't sure which dating method was correct. I ended up not going with any of the dates. Regretted it ever since.

  • rebelfighter


    You hit the nail on the head with one word "trust". Never a JW but the victim of both childhood and spouse abuse I find it extremely hard to "trust" people. It takes me a long time before I will finally actually say I trust someone.

  • rebel8

    LOL steve2!!!!

    OP, heck yes, I am cynical about all homo sapiens. How I am married, I will never know.

  • Holden Caufield
    Holden Caufield

    I say to all be single to hell with relationships. I mean why do we put so much effort for something that will eventually fail.

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