Christadelphians the closest to JW?

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  • ab.ortega

    I am curious as to what current religion is similar in beliefs and organization to JW's. I've only come as far as Christadelphians. Are there any others you know of?

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Exclusive brethren seem pretty similar.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    There are various bible student groups that have stayed closer to Russell's blather.

    Millennial Bible Students, Dawn Bible Students, and others.

  • Londo111

    The biggest differences seem to be the Christadelphians do not believe in the preexistence of Jesus, nor do they believe in a literal Satan.

    Of course, really the biggest core belief of JWs is this: In 1919, Jesus chose the Watchtower leaders as the one and only channel through which God communicates his will--salvation through the impending Armageddon depends on obeying this channel now and in the future.

    Every other JW belief is window dressing.

  • slimboyfat

    Christadelphians are close but don't believe in the Devil.

    The Church of God of the Abraham Faith is closer. These are sister religious bodies to JWs, sharing common origins, though long alienated.

  • steve2

    First Century Christians

    Sorry, my bad. Keep forgetting that historical research and long-standing shenanigans within the organization destroys this old line.

  • Carol1111

    The organisation of Christadelphians is not the same as JW's. Each group is autonomous and there is no ruling body.

    Some celebrate Christmas and some don't.

    Christadelphians believe that no-one goes to heaven at death.

  • menrov

    iglesia n christo

  • Phizzy

    Dear ab.ortega, why do you wish to find a group that is close to the JW's in belief ?

    I wonder if it is the same reason as me, a good few years ago ? I thought if I found a group that believed much as JW's do, but without the obviously odious beliefs, that I may ind the True Religion.

    I can tell you that after investigating many, many religions, I came to the conclusion that they all were faulty in some way.

    The interesting conclusion I came to with the Christadelphians was that, had the WT/JW claim that Jesus inspected them around 1918/9 been true, He would have found the Christadelphians at that time already teaching much more that eventually became "truth" in the JW religion much later, and also found a group that was truly neutral during WW1, unlike the WT who Rutherford urged to buy War Bonds etc.

  • punkofnice

    A lot of weirdo cults overlap (no pun intended).

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