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  • Gorbatchov

    This week I see many JW going over the top and beat their (sometimes medical) limits for the convention preparation with music, ethnic cloats and greeting costumes.

    My JW grandparents will turn in their grave.

    My opinion is that the JW organization has given their blessing at it because of "Give them bread and games". It keeps the rank and file busy.

    What I don't get is that the oldtimers accept all these changes.


  • waton

    gorby, what do you want the old timers to do? spoil the fun? Bread and Circus!. love that empty circus clowning around. that kind of love never fails.---- to please.

  • sir82

    What I don't get is that the oldtimers accept all these changes.

    Here is the explanation:

    "Where else would we go?"

  • BereanThinker7

    I think the old timers are probably just happy to have some semblance of life in the conventions. Like a breath of fresh air, I don't know how many long time JWs actually like the stale air of the monotonous doldrums the the org has been for so long. And the Bread and Circus idea is probably spot on as far as the leadership considers it.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    I am an old time, though PIMO. we do not like this stuff, and the ones who see it on youtube usually think it is planted by apostates

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    I just arrived at a bungalow park at 20 minutes from the convention site.

    My in-laws and wife (all pimi) wanted to stay close to the convention and wanted to hire a bungalow for the weekend. Due to it being high season they could only book a full week. I decided to come with them for the week. The alternatives were having to take a week holiday with my daughter but without my wife, or having my daughter go with them and thus also visit the convention. Neither were very enticing so here I am.

    Upon arrival it became clear the park is filled with JW. Guess who will have the pool all to themselves this weekend? :-)

  • Gorbatchov

    Gorby is also in Utrecht this weekend due to family reasons.


  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen


    I severely doubt I'll be going to the convention as my main concern is keeping my young daughter away from there.

    Otoh I'd like to go there and perhaps meet a few old JW friends or new pimo/exjw friends.

    So I'll be checking the 'weather' in my family and see if going there just for the lunch intermission is an option that doesn't reopen too many wounds.

    If so, I'd be happy to make your acquaintance in person :-)

    In any case, hang in there. It's 3 says of boredom but at least you managed to get rid of most regular meetings right?

  • suavojr


    Iā€™m still in due to family (wife and kids) why would I ruin the fun? Let them enjoy themselves and forget about the old timers,

    I rather have, videos, music, good food, laughs and go out site seeing than have to listen to Fred Franz and his lunacy.

    My point is... it just makes life easier in the jdub world šŸŒŽ

  • AshleyCollins

    I don't like this at all. Even when someone goes as a delegate.
    Then they brag how they were on International Convention, and everyone else is like while I'm over there like because who cares honestly... What is the worst thing they don't pay you the way (for example if you are travelling from the middle Europe to the US), you have to reach into your own pocket. Also one friend of mine was there 2 years ago in Austria and she told me they just couldn't spend those nights in cheapest hotels. They had to be in a better looking hotel BECAUSE it didn't meet the requirements of making a good name or what. I mean JW people just gotta have a class or what lol. So they saved up a lot of money for these 5 days... Although they might felt happy because of all the people they met but like... brothers and sisters are giving their money to the org and they even have to pay other expenses when it comes to travelling to I.C.

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