Thoughts from the International Summer Convention in Romania

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  • darkspilver

    freddo: Err ... no, it's 1.27%.

    The OP mentions the attendance for the convention they personally attended, but it is unclear if the baptism figure was just for that one convention, or for all the conventions tied-in to the convention that the OP was attending.

  • LongHairGal


    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the convention! I can't imagine sitting through this.

    Like you, I don't understand why the religion still knocks jobs and careers! This doesn't seem to end and it seems insane since everybody who heeds this bad advice ends up poor. Hearing this just makes me very glad I'm not there listening to appeals for money.

    I notice you mention your parents in their 60s who are dependent on you financially. What would they do if you were not around??

    I wonder if anybody reading on here has any doubts what the outcome WILL be if they don't want to work? Unless they have wealthy parents they have to go out and get a career, trade or whatever.

  • sir82

    Do the international delegates still do the "gift exchange" thing?

    Like, they'll come with a bag of a couple dozen magnets or pens or some such with a Bible text or on it, and they'll exchange those useless trinkets for other useless trinkets from other delegates.

    Do they still do the "native costume" thing? Like a delegate from Japan will come looking almost like a geisha girl, or a delegate from South Africa will come looking like he just got back from spear-hunting lions & whatnot.

  • cookiemaster

    Thanks everyone for your interesting replies. Yes, they still do the gift exchanges and the native costumes thing. The brothers and sisters here waited everyone at the airport dressed on full on native costumes. It was pretty cringy, especially as the clothing is traditionally quite thick and there was a heat wave going on.

    The whole job thing is insane. They just demonize having a career and make it seem like any well paying job will demand of you to be there 100% of the time, not even being able to take a few hours off for a meeting, which is just false in most cases. The videos they present have such unrealistic scenarios, it's almost laughable. Even if some scenarios are realistic, it's often worth the effort to work more. Especially for people who have old or sick family members or other issues to deal with, and want to have physical and financial security.

    They show these movies with JWs that live prosperous middle class lives while doing almost no real work and spending their time pioneering. That's not how the real world works in my experience.

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