Is there any appointed one disfellowshiped?

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  • Roxie

    Hi there,

    I was wondering... Are here people who used to be appointed ones and left the JWs?

    If yes: what was the reason you left and do you believe in God now?

    I am just curious. 😃

  • blondie

    Ray Franz was disfellowshipped for associating with a da'd person. His wife has also associated with the same da'd person but was not disfellowshipped, go figure.

  • Tameria2001

    If memory serves me correct, wasn't it also the same time when they DF Ray Franz they also added the shunning or something like that? I was a bit young at the time so my memory is a bit foggy about the does and don'ts of the time.

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    Hi Roxie - Ray continued to believe in God - after all what has an apostate corporation got to do with the Bible? Nothing. This is how Ray ended one of his letters to me:

    I hope that things may go well for you and wish you God's guidance, comfort and strength as you face up to life's problems. Hope your studies of Greek and Hebrew prove successful.

  • Finkelstein

    Yes there has been anointed ones Dfed over the years , it does happen , for apostasy or whatever.

  • stillin

    There was an anointed sister in this area a few years back that presented herself as a healer. She was out there on the fringe and the brothers dithered for a couple of years about what to do about her. Meanwhile, quite a few of the Witnesses were singing her praises.

    I believe that she was ultimately DF'd.

  • Balaamsass2

    I have known a few "anointed" to be disfellowshipped over the years. One for fornication others for "apostasy" and "rebellion".

    The entire belief system surrounding "anointed" =immediate issues for mentally ill attracted the organizations "love bombing". They believe God has spoken to them directly, therefore, the Elders need to obey them because they are god's spokesman. These people needed medical intervention not disfellowshipping. Exhibit A JW governing body members.

  • blondie

    BTW, I thought that not all of the anointed were appointed, only male anointed jws can be appointed to positions in the congregation or organization by the WTS.

    Yes, jws professing to be anointed can be disfellowshipped, the WTS cites the account in Corinthians as an example of disfellowshipping, and all Christians were considered anointed at that time.


    is a different term from


  • Roxie

    I meant Anointed ones 😂😂😂

    Is there one of them here?

    I was wondering if they some of them are active apostates or atheists.

    Thx for your answers.

  • shepherdless

    There was a poster a while ago on another site (JW Recovery which is no longer available) and also on exjw reddit. He considered himself anointed for about 5 years. He had quite an interesting story and explanation about his journey to that delusion, and how he worked it out.

    He went by the name “goat bone” or “goat_bone” or something like that. You could search exjw reddit. I don’t think he has posted for a while, unless I missed it.

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