Kids With A Card

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  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    I've taken up DoorDashing to make some extra cash to pay for my hobbies and other things. You are a food delivery person at the mercy of a crappy App and google which can be stressful. The plus side is tips and people who are usually happy to see you.

    But it wasn't long into this gig, that I became acquainted with a certain kind of customer. I had an order at Mel's old fashioned diner for some chicken waffles etc. and the person who had ordered was a Jean-Luc. The first thing that came to mind was the captain of the starship cruiser, The Enterprise. As I drove down a dead end street at night, I saw a flashlight at the end, slowly circling around. It was a kid about 13 or so and he was on the street flagging me down. "Jean-Luc?" I asked. Yes he said and took the food off to the house. It suddenly occurred to me, that he most likely had ordered the food secretly and so had come out so his parents didn't know.

    After that, I've had several more KWAC.

    • Fries and a drink from Chick fil-a with a $6 charge to another 13 year old girl who met me in the apartment parking lot
    • 2 sides of expensive organic mashed potatoes to a teenager outside the his house
    • Expensive one drink orders (like that pearl drink) that cost $6 or more to deliver. Waiting at the door with their phone app tracking me so they know when to intercept.

    There has been a few more like that. There has also been a few times where the kid has been caught.

    • Wingstop order delivered to the poorer side of town and accepted by a kid in the house. When I turned around, there was a lean, shaven headed latino man staring at me. "What are you doing here?" he said suspiciously. "I'm delivering food" I said (I'm female by the way and no spring chicken) He slowly nodded his head and said "Oh I didn't know they ordered lunch" Needless to say, I left quickly.
    • 2 big pizzas and some pasta delivered to a house where I had to knock a few times before a young kid opened the door. Too bad he was slow on opening because the adults were in the back barbecuing. A man said What's that? The boy who had opened the door, quickly closed it. I delivered the food and then later got a text saying that they hadn't ordered pizza. Well I'm sure they figured it out because I got my delivery money.

    The latest one was a little different. A $2 order that I accidently accepted. As I drive up to an expensive house, I see there are instructions "Leave on the porch" Before I can get out, another text message says Just leave on porch. Ok I reply. "Don't knock or call or make noise ok?" is the next text. As I go up the steps I hear lots of people in the front room. So it's not because there are dogs or a kid asleep (which is often why some don't want you to knock) So I leave it and go.

    Obviously a kid with a card.

  • Simon

    We've started using food deliveries more and when we go out to eat it's quite amazing how many orders are picked up. I can see why the concept of "ghost kitchens" becomes a thing.

    We get delivery if we have friends over (saves one of us being out for half an hour to collect it) so normally it's a more substantial order. I still don't understand who orders things like McDonalds - I mean, I like McDonalds but not so much that the overhead of the delivery fee makes it worthwhile.

    The people who deliver have been varied but always nice, I guess you have to be to survive any reputation-based system. I always tip well but more so if someone is out late or in miserable wet or cold weather. It seems more deserving than those horrible prompts to tip when you're ordering at a counter and they haven't even had to bring food across the room to a table. I mean, what next? Tipping the grocery checkout for ringing up a tin of beans?

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    It's a mixed bag with the restaurants. There are some I try to avoid because they are always busy and depending on who is completing orders, your wait stay can be over 20 mins - that is almost one job you lose because of it.

    The people who own doordash make it tough to be on time because they only allow a slim margin of time. There is also the rating system. Only a few people have to give you negative reviews to drop you to the point you are no longer considered a Top Dasher. That means you get less of a chance at a higher payout.

    I've gotten the negative reviews because I accepted two orders at a time and something gets messed up. Either the app or the restaurant taking too long.

    That's pretty much what happens on a regular basis.

    But the majority of dashers that I've met are really nice. The people you deliver to, are nice for the most part. The one's with kids are the most grateful. My favorite was a long drop off for very little and I was feeling grumpy and they didn't have a light on in their expensive neighborhood. Just as I got out to try to find it, I saw a man walking up his path and the light in the house turned on. In the large picture window, were the silhouettes of children jumping up and down on the couch because their hamburgers were there. I had to laugh.

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