Did your congregation ever throw special parties exclusively for Pioneers?

by Tenacious 21 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Xanthippe
    I hope you landed on your feet eventually and got out of credit card debt. LHG

    Yes we did eventually but it was a hard slog with no qualifications or experience of full time work. We both did distance learning degrees and after a while we got good jobs.

    As far as JWs thinking you were “rich” when in fact you weren’t must have been awful. That means people were jealous. When people are jealous and think you “have no problems”, they will never help you.

    That's very insightful thank you.


    Oh, yes...the Pioneer Dinners...

    The Elder’s wives relished the thought of organizing these events ( under the watchful eye of the Eldurrs ) and all wives of non-serving males were lucky if they were able to contribute in some way.

    Just more time and money wasted, along with enabling more young people to waste their lives while burdening society’s tax paying citizens with their eventual health problems.


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