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  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog
    We are pleased to inform you that, where possible, the 2021 circuit assembly with the circuit overseer (CA-co) program and the 2021 special meeting with regular pioneers, special pioneers, and field missionaries program will be broadcast via a product called JW Stream–Studio. This product will allow attendees to watch a live stream of their circuit’s programs from their homes. If this provision will be used in your circuit, the circuit overseer will provide further information to the elders.

    Has anybody heard about this? I'm honestly not sure what they mean by "product" . . . A device? A program? They've released software before but they make this sound like a physical item, like a streaming box? If so . . . Why? What would the point be, except to make money selling it to the congregations like they did with the Lit-Cart line for $80 each? Maybe I'm wrong, if anybody has more information?

  • millie210

    There was information on here several years ago about this product (or something similar) I just don't have time to go look for it.

    I remember names were given of wealthy and "tech field" JW men who were invested in it.

  • obarac

    It's just a web site.

    You have to login like an elder or MS.

    It is web site like stream.jw.org. Nothing more. Web site for live streaming of CA or pioneers meeting.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog
    It's just a web site.

    That's been around since 2013. This is something else, just announced at the annual meeting. Not just JW Stream, but "JW Stream - Studio".

  • skin

    That word for word was announced last night at our midweek meeting, we have our CA over zoom next week so will be interesting what it does.

  • asp59

    Full-blown online religion soon.

  • Atlantis

    Every person I have talked to about this subject believes the same thing. The Tower will be an online religion. ( 700-club )

    No doubt there will be a "cost" involved for the stream. The Tower always finds ways to make a buck.


  • Overrated

    With Gee-hober bucks you can buy into the Gee-hober Network for your salvation. The more you pay the higher the tier and you get a special title.

  • Biahi

    The apostates predicted it first! Hooray for apostates!

  • BluesBrother

    My people received a normal e mail link That contained the programme of the Circuit Assembly

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