Another lie. This time from the UK Branch

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  • keinlezard


    More than a joke . They are really psychologically ill

    remember few years ago there were 4 publication each month , each magazine have 32 pages

    the last year december 2012

    Avake 41 042 000 ( 84 language)

    Watchtower public 42 182 000 in 195 Languages

    and now ?

    awake 60 240 000 in 18 languages

    Watchtower public 61 651 000 in 307 languages ...

    but there is a problem

    in 2012 there were 2 A + 2 W each month and each with 32 pages in reality

    Watchtower print 4 * 32 *2 * 41 000 000 pages a month

    125 952 000 000 pages / year

    Today with only 16 pages * 12 magazine they should print

    656 000 000 of publication

    but the last printed magazine report 10 times lesser !!! only 61 000 000 !

    It"s a big big lie !

    they don't need bigger print facilities .... it's mathematicaly demonstrated :)

  • smiddy3

    You cannot trust one word of what they have ever printed or spoken, everything has been either misleading or plain wrong. Surely there must be a prize somewhere for a record like this?

    How do you nominate them into the Guinness Book Of records for failed / misleading prophecy /expectations /backflips /deniers of their own printed material/re-writing their own history ,and blaming all of this on the rank and file for getting ahead of themselves

    Jehovahs Witnesses would win this nomination hands down ,no other organization cult or otherwise would come within cooee of them.

  • jookbeard

    his nose must have been growing as he read that !

  • Lostandfound

    When he said that, the GB were in absolute chaos about expansion, and money. Grandiose plans were soon dumped and branch facilities sold off across the globe. Now they have morphed into an almost Happy Clappy, emotion driven cult, long gone are days of songs handled like hymns, some dignity to meetings, now it Disney all the way. The breathtaking speed in which Chelmsford 'reconfigured' and RBCs scrapped and replaced by the hyped up LDCs, whose main activity seems to be selling of stuff from the old RBCs but no building. Have commented on this before, but , where is any dissent coming to surface from displaced Bethelites, heavy and light members, management and factory floor workers. I hear no rumblings of discontent from these once worshipped stars of the universe, now just congregation publishers. Are they all Window Cleaners? With little real work. Experience and age against them how do they cope and why are we not hearing their complaint. With loyalty like that the GB can do anything. I expect the Blood issue to be seriously watered down, generally blur the edges between JWs and the world, make it easier for the GB to bemuse the flock with overlapping drivel.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Lostandfound - "I hear no rumblings of discontent from these once worshipped stars of the universe."

    If your whole life, family & friends, and most likely, employment and financial support were totally dependent on you keeping your mouth shut about the's a no-brainer really.

    The real truth is probably that many booted Bethelites and full-time servants - if not most - are sickened by what they've experienced by being reliant on the cult. Loyalty is not a term I'd apply to them - fear is more appropriate.

  • pepperheart

    Increased demand for bible bases literature, thats why from 2018 even the watchtower and awake will be printed in germany.The carts in my city are trying to give the general public books that were printed in 2006

  • snugglebunny

    Outside bethel, Craven Terrace, London:

  • pepperheart

    The fall guy

    totally agree with you about the fear that any jw in bethel would feel but i think it can work against the watchtower when it comes to the rank and file jws who are only in so they dont get shunned but dont give any money and because they are counted as being members it means that the watchtower cant sell of any kindom halls as easily as they could if people were not around

  • dozy

    What I always find bizarre about the Society is that they are always encouraging JWs to downsize , move into smaller properties or be satisfied with what they already have etc - yet when it comes to their own activities they think nothing of the huge logistical challenges in selling & rebuilding major international HQs.

    I know it basically is just a money making racket ( buy , build using primarily free labour , hold for 20 years , sell tax free , rinse & repeat ) but if they really , really , really thought Armageddon was so close , they would just make do with what the properties and facilities they already have , which are perfectly adequate ( and which they constantly demand the rank and file to do ).

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