Since leaving WTTS have you joined a new church or just continue with the new beliefs you have discovered under no religion?

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  • AmIright
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  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Because I realized I had been raised in a cult, I knew that everything I had been taught by the cult was questionable. Everything. There was no point in cherry picking what I liked out of it's teachings. I had to start from scratch, questioning the validity of the roots of the cult and the book it was based on.

    I suggest you do the same.

  • Alive!

    I haven't joined a church .....but I have explored a little....learning, seeing things from different perspectives....

    This is my journey and my accountability - over 20 years ago I was taken through a bible study of two books which was a programme of 'truth' at which each point and paragraph I had to 'understand' and grasp the spiritual insight offered to me - we prayed that I 'would let these 'truths' sound down into my heart..... And.... The invisible men who interpreted these truths changed their minds, again and again.

    I've lost so much -and i wouldn't wish that on anyone.....don't let men demand to be masters of your faith....I did. And I'm paying for it......

  • Ucantnome
    I haven't joined a new church and I wouldn't say I have new beliefs
  • punkofnice
    I went to a couple of churches before it dawned on me....god doesn't exist.
  • Daniel1555

    After I left I consider myself spiritual but not religious.

    I lost my trust and belief in organized religion, the bible and the god of the bible. But I still believe in a personal god.

    It feels good to be free to explore different religious views.

  • punkofnice
    D1555 - It feels good to be free to explore different religious views.

    Yes. No matter what you conclude, the freedom is better than watchtower slavery.

  • Ringo
    If I left the JW's why would I ever join another religion? Just different sides of the same counterfeit coin, and just like counterfeit money both are worthless.
  • SpiritualGal08
    I've not joined another religion and doubt I ever will. I'm on a path of discovery and searching... As Pontius Pilate asked, so do I, "What is truth?" Indeed
  • ToesUp
    No more religion. NEVER!

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