Sixty People Murdered in Nice Terror Attack

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  • Simon

    We win by continuing to live our lives free from fear and enjoying the wonderful diverse richness that our vastly superior civilization has created.

    We avoid falling into the same mistakes of the past that created this nightmare - rushing headlong into ill-conceived wars with no clear plan of what success would even look like and we vow to hold people who lie to achieve that to account.

    We stop second guessing ourselves and being afraid to punch evil in it's twisted face when it tries to promote it in our streets. It's not racist or anything else to call hate speech what it is.

    We don't allow a hiding place within our society for any who would do or support these acts. People need to chose a side and stand aside to isolate those who hide in their midsts and rely on them for cover. If a mosque or any other religion has allowed hatred to breed, it needs to be bulldozed.

    We make religious leaders print and sign their beliefs and hold them to account if anyone does evil because they follow them or is tolerated if they claim not to.

  • oppostate
    We make religious leaders print and sign their beliefs and hold them to account if anyone does evil because they follow them or is tolerated if they claim not to.

    Hear, hear!

    That's the way to deal with the fundamentalist terror in religion.
    --Or any other loud mouth that breathes murder and violence for whatever reason.
    If you incite to violence you should be held responsible!

    What devastating news, though! What can citizens with guns do against a truck mowing down civilians? I feel so very sad for the victims and their families!

  • freemindfade

    Was it the the religion of peace again?

  • Simon

    I also think we need to look at the media. These attacks are amplified by the media who then wallow in it to the point that you have to wonder - if the media didn't give these attacks the attention they do, would there be any point in them doing them?

    It's similar to how they have finally wised up to not giving so much attention to the name and image of mass shooters which fed into the psyche of those committing the acts.

    Whether people want to believe it or not, we are at war. When we fought the Nazis's we didn't publish their propaganda for them. i'm not saying there needs to be the news blackout that happened then but do we need the all-day specials that simply provide the media attention they desire.

    Tell us what happened, report the number dead, tell us about them. But don't spread terror on behalf of terrorists. The media is part of the problem.

  • baker

    I mentioned this to an elder recently, that the assembly is a soft target, why not arm a few brothers? just in case...

  • jwleaks

    It's now 80 people dead plus the terrorist. That's 80 people too many. So sad, especially the children. God I hate religion for all the child sacrifices.

  • OneGenTwoGroups

    With billions of people on this planet, and our tendency to huddle up into big groups, I can't help but think this is going to continue for a long time.

    Muslim inspired terrorism should just keep happening.

    The same is true with mass shootings in the US.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    How can any terrorist attack be called Nice? I am appalled. Wait, oh never mind.

  • Simon

    Maybe a huge 'reset event' is what it will take. Like the nuclear bombs dropped on Japan that transformed it from a nation of capable of incredibly cruelty into the peaceful society it is today - by destroying the notion that the emperor was all powerful or any kind of deity.

  • prologos

    We should not share our places, our land, our population, our accomplishments with these kinds of people., defined in the broadest sense. The "bien venue" of France has been sorely abused. all these people are not bien venue" --they did not come well (meaning) or produced offspring of their kind, not so kind at all. "

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