Experience of new elders meeting format.....

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  • Blueblades

    Hi CASPIAN ! I was deleted before that letter came out.My son was not even living with me,and then he came to live with me,and then I was told that I should throw him out of the house,which I refused to do ,hence my deletion,and his disfellowedshipping.

  • caspian


    I have kept copies of all my BOE letters, Circuit Outlines and letters to all travelling overseers.

    In the main they aren't usually exciting however a few are still interesting reading.

    Metatron as usual you have hit the nail on the head.

    Blue blades, I imagine that your deletion was at a meeting in which you where present as that was the thinking at the time.

    Am I correct?


    I wonder why these guys are not removed

    There will always be certain elders who can get away with anything simply because of who they are,


  • rocketman

    I used to see this stuff all the time. The elder who was not at the meeting was generally gossiped about among the elders if some situation concerning him or his family arose.

    There was one elder who moved away, and when we were discussiong a letter to send to the new hall, all of a sudden there's a discussion about not recommending the guy. Ridiculous, considering the fact that the guy was already gone and nothing had been said to him about his qualifications. I questioned this and remember getting quite upset about it at the meeting.

    We also had an elder who was in the habit of missing meetings, and frequent discussions would break out about him when he wasn't there. Finally, the body had the guts to address it to his face.

  • Maverick

    I agree that this change will tighten up the BOE and weed out Brothers who do not have the "Corporate mind". If a brother does not suck up and push the party line he will find little support when his children go through the teenage years.

    My daughter, at 14, wanted to get baptized. She was going through the questions but spoke her mind, as she was taught, and one of the three Elders got mad at her and told her she should not even go to the meetings if she would not spout the party line. So she stopped going. She did not tell me what the bro said until years later. That same brother would come up to me and act all loving and console me as to her not going to the Hall, I was an MS at the time. Another Elder was telling me I should punish her and force her to come to the meetings. I figured that if she was, in their minds, old enough to be considered for baptism, she was old enough to make up her own mind about spiritual things and so I never forced her to go to the meetings. The God I worship is not an extortionist!

    I see this change as an added way the J-dud Masters weaken the natural family bond and gain more control over the duds. Maverick

  • blondie
    I know a few elders with some pretty bad kids (drugs, alcohol) and they are still serving in fact they are considered pillars in the cong.

    I wonder why these guys are not removed.

    Partly because it is a popularity contest as well as political, wannaexit.

    If the body has 6 elders and 5 are discussing one elder and only 2 are concerned about removing him, they are outvoted by the 3 elders who want to keep him in.

    The 3 elders may be the missing elder's father, son, brother, brother-in-law, uncle, get the picture.

    Or the 3 elders could be long-time friends, business partners, employees of the missing elder, or the missing elder could be rich and have contributed lots of money to the KH and WTS.

    Or the missing elder could be an ex-Bethelite with many Bethel contacts, good buds with the CO and/or DO.

    Or the 3 elders may just dislike the 2 elders and would do anything opposite of them.

    Its politics and popularity, not spirituality that rules.

  • ozziepost

    By this new procedure, the Borg acknowledges that there is a significant problem. After all, why go to the trouble of instituting a new procedure and letters to BOE, if it's never to be used?

    It seems to me that the Borg is losing a generation. Not just the children of elders, but also the young who've been "raised in the truth" are not sticking around.


  • kgfreeperson

    We can only hope!

  • dmouse

    It seems that the purpose of this is to put more pressure on elders to keep their kids in the religion.

    In today's society, and among many ethnic groups, parents have begun to take a more laid back view of their children's spiritual path.

    Imagine if JWs were allowed to do this! Even elder's kids are seeing the light and leaving in droves, and elders have perhaps been lax and not put up much of a fight.

    Now, elders will fear for their positions to the extent that they will crack down even more severely on the poor kids.

    Seems like 'fear' is the favourite way the GB uses to control their followers.

  • Winston Smith :>D
    Winston Smith :>D

    It seems to me that the Borg is losing a generation. Not just the children of elders, but also the young who've been "raised in the truth" are not sticking around.


    A bit off of the topic but,

    Within the last year we have had the CO give talks about this problem. He said that there is a stark contrast with the current generation of mid 20 to mid 30-year-old men in the congregation compared to years ago. They just aren’t reaching out for more responsibilities. Meaning, there may be a shortage of elders in the future, and a shortage of brothers to take on additional ‘privileges’ for other avenues of ‘godly service’. Additional privileges like working with the RBC for quick-builds, or becoming CO’s & DO’s, helping at DC’s, etc…

    And the point was of such importance that there was a ‘local needs’ part at the Circuit Assembly that specifically put brothers in the spotlight questing if they are reaching out for additional ‘privileges’.

    There appears to be a shortfall of these brothers to fill in the vacancy’s left by aged brothers who just can’t handle the additional responsibilities on top of the task of just making a living and providing for the family.

    Hummm, it appears that the ‘waters are drying up’ for the great harlot? ;P


  • czarofmischief

    I personally know of several youths, children of elders, who have left. My dad was an elder, and it burned him out.

    I hate this religion so much, and it made me laugh when the elders who diffed me had their own children get diffed for drugs and lesbianism - whereas all I did was touch a boob. As ye sow...

    I don't want to hear about dried up harlots! ha!


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