"We don't make rules!", claims the WTS

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  • undercover
    Jehovah's Witnesses avoid making rules and regulations beyond those provided in the Scriptures,

    Bear with me on this

    TRUE according to their definition

    BECAUSE they use loaded language - a hallmark of mind control. They will insist they don't make "rules". They will however change the meaning of the word "principle" and substitute it for the word "rule" This playing with the language keeps people confused and buying into the propaganda that is heaped on them constantly

    and lord help the poor person who breaks a "priniple"

    Thank you, Lady Lee,

    That's what I was trying to say in my long epistle. You summed it up much more nicely.

  • heathen

    Is it just me or is it getting easier to catch them in a bald faced lie ? They constantly go beyond what is written . I wanna know where it says that a 6 month limit on shunning is to be observed . The 6 months till baptism is nowhere to be found . The belief that women have to say anything at anytime in the congregation is unscriptual. In fact it condemns women speaking in the congregation. The belief that the great crowd has to observe the little flock eating the lords evening meal is not scriptual. Well that's a few that I know of . to watch tower mind control.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    As you become freer of the mind control the easier it will be too see.

    Those who cannot see it are still controlled by it

    Look forward to further clarity

  • talesin


    I think field service is a very dangerous pastime, and should be avoided at all costs.


    when I read the title to this thread, I started to snicker. When I read the above comment, the dam burst (lol). Truer words were never spoken. How nice to hear you express my feelings about the dreaded door-to-door!


  • rocketman

    They indeed make rules.....as posts in this thread have listed. Such rules are in no way Scripturally supported. They know that they don't have to put such rules in writing in the WT and other pubs - rules are born by oral "tradition" (a CO comes around and before you know it, new rules!), and elder's whims (beards, what consitutes modesty, etc, etc).

  • ozziepost

    Beards!! I'd almost forgotten, Rocketman!!!! Of course, they would be a prime example of making scriptural rules not based on Scripture.

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • heathen

    Lady lee--- I was never under the mind control as I was never a dub but I am definately getting better at spotting the hypocrisy in this religion .

  • Pepper

    Its all a bunch of Bolderdash, the rule applys if you can't dazel them with anything else baffle them with Bull". Religion (Witness's) rely on you not running ahead" beinging a puppet and doing as your told and not tugging at the strings, rocking the boat, wineing, asking questions, doing your own research, reading the bible yourself and drawing you own conclusions; if you do you will be bird food. As long as your week minded, and want others to do your thinking for you; then please come and join the ranks of Jehovah's Witness's. You will find a place to rest your weary soul from the open minded inquireing thoughts of your silly mind. Oh by the way bring lots of chewing gum cause its accepted to bug others with your lip smacking, and the smell of Sin Sin's fouling the air from the arse setting behind you. Yours truly, the GB. Pepper

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