UK Memorial attendances up this year?!

by Isambard Crater 31 Replies latest jw friends

  • blondie

    But is that the last time you see them until next year?

    Or are they visitors from another congregation that has the memorial later in the evening? Or it interferes with something on television?

    Are they bible students or inactive people, df'd people, non-jw spouses?

  • darkspilver

    Feedback seems to indicate massive attendances so far...

    Over 21 million?

    NOTE: I've reuploaded the chart below - I've not double-checked the numbers, just copy-and-pasted them - BUT importantly I did notice that the Memorial attendance figures used for 2002 and 2004 were showing as being exactly the same - appears it was the 2002 figure that was wrong (ie it was showing around 800,000 TOO many in attendance following the events of 9/11)

  • redvip2000
    There was always a fluctuation in attendances due to world events

    Yup that is it. As other said, this is directly proportional to world events. Trump along with the Russia ban made some of the inactive attend, as if somehow showing up once a year would make Jellohoba spare their lives during the great massacre.

  • DesirousOfChange

    My congregation had around 25 more people at the Memorial last night than last year, and the two other congregations I have family in all experienced a similar increase in about 25 more people present.

    With so many KHalls being sold and congregations merged, I would have expected the same, however the KHall had plenty of additional seats available. Typically in the past it would have been "standing room only". And we were the early meeting when you would expect many elderly who were assigned to the "late" meeting to attend.

  • sir82

    If there is a bump up this year, I'd put a lot of the blame on the Russian supreme court case.

    For a JW-persection complex, it ust doesn't get any better than "Russia trying to ban JWs".

    It's like the Indiana Jones movies - the best ones are when he is fighting the Nazis, the others are kind of meh.

    For JWs, "work is under ban" reports from China, Middle East, etc, are kind of meh. There are no more Nazis in power any more, of course, but "the Russians are coming to get us!" is pure martyr gold.

  • blondie

    Maybe it will resurrect the doctrine that the Soviet Union (or Russia) is again the king of the north....

    jws forget the future cry of peace and security

    and the scripture that says (Mt. 24:44)

    Matthew 24:44New International Version (NIV)

    44 So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him.

  • Sanchy

    JWFacts: This year I expect the growth to be more than that, probably more than 2%.

    I agree. JWs are buzzing with excitement over their perceived current end-of-world events.

  • ScenicViewer
    There was always a fluctuation in attendances due to world events.

    Any place that had a thunder storm will see a Memorial attendance increase.

  • steve2

    I agree. JWs are buzzing with excitement over their perceived current end-of-world events.

    I think any increase is likely to be from those already connected to the JWs in some way - e.g., inactive family members, work colleagues, etc - rather than new interest in the field.

  • darkspilver

    jambon1: A bit similar to how they all dropped in 1976 once it dawned on people that the organisation had led them down the garden path with another false prediction regarding 1975.

    Sorry, overall worldwide apparently not...

    a very small decrease in 1978 though

    1970 = 3,226,168
    1971 = 3,453,542
    1972 = 3,662,407
    1973 = 3,994,924
    1974 = 4,550,457
    1975 = 4,925,643
    1976 = 4,972,571
    1977 = 5,107,518
    1978 = 5,095,831
    1979 = 5,323,766
    1980 = 5,726,656

    FYI I believe, over the last 80 years, the only years to report an overall worldwide year-on-year decrease in attendance are


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