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    G'day Pete,

    Clearly, during the first century, followers of Christ practiced voluntary giving, not tithing.

    Maybe you don't see it, but seasoned observers of the Borg have grown to realise that you've got to be very suspicious when you read the word "Clearly" in a WTS publication! Much has been written by experts in the field on the topic of giving amon the first-century christians. My own reading has shown me that there is a view that they did, but it's open for discussion among Bible commentators.

    This, however, was not my point. It was this:

    However, you may wonder if this is still an effective way to finance the preaching of the good news and to care for Christians who are in need.

    By these words the WTS claims that it has a "superior" way to what is found in the Bible.

    Cheers, Ozzie

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