I’m feeling a bit down and troubled

by Tallon 12 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • Tallon

    Why you might ask?

    What is getting me down are the difficult and troubling experiences posted by some of the forum users. In a number of cases I cannot believe the injustice inflicted on the person. How, forgive the wording, in God’s name can this be happening?

    I’m sorry; but reading some of these discussions is really, in a manner, upsetting.

    Am I the only one feeling this way? Hope does one cope with it?

  • HereIgo

    You certainly are not the only one feeling that way. Although it is depressing, I think its also refreshing to read about all of these negative JW experiences as it reinforces that this is not the truth. I think some Ex JW's still need that validation from time to time and its nice to know that others have gone through similar experiences.

  • Chook

    Only good hearted people feel sad at injustices, just maybe the cults damage will end. But to hear of families torn by religious dogma, good people dying because of misapplication of scripture . Look at pale emporer can't even drop his child off without the evils of Brooklyn showing there teeth. WT has one big sad legacy , just today sister dies no blood then we hear that a young girl in Utah had to relive her rape ordeal ,it just goes on and on. Tallon ,karma is what Brooklyn will receive . I would like to see GB jailed for perjury especially for their uncaring spirit and of course for lying to authorities.

  • wannaexit

    You don't have to read what you don't want to. It's all about choice. Read only what you want and pass over what you dont.


    I’m sorry; but reading some of these discussions is really, in a manner, upsetting.

    Am I the only one feeling this way? How does one cope with it?..

    It`s all a matter of perspective..


    People Are Being Saved From The..


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  • lookout

    yes, people suck...a lot.

  • Wild_Thing

    Yes, sometimes I have to take a break from forums like this because it starts to get to me. It starts bringing up issues for me that I thought I had worked through. Sometimes that's good because I need to deal with it and sometimes that's bad because sometimes the timing isn't ideal. So, I take a break when I need it and come back when I can. I try to offer support when I can, but sometimes that is really hard for me. But if I'm not willing to offer support for others, how can I ask for support when I need it?

  • no-zombie

    For myself I need these horror stories to continually remind myself that something is drastically wrong with the organization. I still go the the meetings (for my family) and the mindless happy-happy propaganda does work to convince people everything in great in the Kingdom Hall. I personally need that counter balance. Additionally, we may know or hear of things a congregation or two away from ours, but bad news in the society does not travel very far. As a result, the deliberately cultivated "cones of silence" effectively pre-filters what really going on making us dependent to what's coming from the platform. So sites like like provide information that is just not available elsewhere.

  • zeb

    Any org that is heavily underpinned with the need for 'obedience' attracts some people who will seek to be more obedient than ever they will develop a "hyperactive conscience" and be ever looking at ways to check that those around them are also going down that obedience track. They will create a whole vipers nest of rules to do this by. E.g. we are seeing this is the Islamic world where the most heinous crimes are committed against other Muslims because of some perceived error on their part.

    The wt seeks to justify their proscription of others in the name of God also.

    If the the wt were followers of Jesus (Yeshuah) the Christ he preached love and a much abused term today tolerance; well how different would the experience of being a jw be? It is likely this site and other slike it would not even exist!

    The wt at its worst reminds me much of the Nazis where reporting fellow citizens to the gestapo was the norm. But note too that the 'reporters' are probably of the hyperactive conscience (class). Yet, when some of those in charge are reported for child abuse or criminal assault of their wifes. then the wt system covers up its most 'loyal'.


  • Finkelstein

    How, forgive the wording, in God’s name can this be happening?

    When ignorant poorly educated men absorb themselves into the supposed power of god through the ancient writings of the bible, they tend to act like apathetic stupid idiots, just like the ancient Hebrews, who were also socially barbaric in their behavior .

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