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  • waton

    it took 10 days from Jesus' ascension to Pentecost to get confirmation that message to & from heaven had been received (the ransom value).

    It took wt writer ~30+ years to discover and correct/ reverse their bloober on the superior authorities.

  • Disillusioned JW
    Disillusioned JW

    Holy smoke! Please read the following from page 391 of the December 15, 1916 issue of the Watch Tower which I read a moment ago at . Most of the boldface was added by me for emphasis.

    'THE WATCH TOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY is the most wonderful and unusual Corporation on earth. It is the strongest corporation, not financially, but strong because it has been, and still is, used of the Lord for the carrying on of His work. It is unusual in this: that all who are in any wise connected with it gladly render their services without salary; those giving all of their time taking only the bare necessities of life. It will continue in the same manner as in the past to spread the Gospel, so long as the Lord indicates this as His will.


    This publication is the medium through which the Kingdom Message is brought regularly to the members of the "Household." "That Servant" used this medium to give out the "meat in due season." By his last Will and Testament he provided for the continuance of THE WATCH TOWER by a duly constituted Editorial Committee. The names of the members of this Editorial Committee appear upon the title page of each issue of THE WATCH TOWER. It is the province of this Committee to put in proper form and publish, twice each month, that which goes to the Church. THE WATCH TOWER is not the organ of the Editorial Committee. It is the official organ of the Church. It is the only publication in the world declaring the presence of the King and announcing the nearness of His Kingdom. Therefore, dear brethren, THE WATCH TOWER is your journal. It is the journal of every one in harmony with Present Truth, and its publication is for the benefit of all such. It will continue to publish only that which is in harmony with what "that Servant" has heretofore given to the "Household of Faith."

    Shall we, then, continue to recognize in our Class-studies the Berean Bible lessons prepared by Brother Russell? Shall we continue to speak in our Class-studies of Brother Russell as the Lord's Servant who brought "meat in due season to the household of faith." Yes, indeed! Why not? If the Lord was pleased to use him for many years to give the "meat in due season" to the Church, then it is still "meat in due season," and the Berean lessons are essential for the development of those who shall be made partakers of the Kingdom. Should we now disregard the food contained in the STUDIES IN THE SCRIPTURES and other publications of THE WATCH TOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY, it would mean that we were repudiating or disregarding that which the Lord has graciously provided for our benefit. We must make the distinction between Brother Russell as a creature and his official capacity as "that servant" of the Master to give out the "meat in due season." To disregard the Message would mean to disregard the Lord.

    Let us be courageous and faithful, dear brethren. Let us remember that in unity there is strength. The Lord will continue His work until it is finished. He will gather all of His true children into the Garner in due time. Shall we be of those thus gathered? That will depend upon whether or not we hold fast to that which we have; whether or not we remain loyal to the Lord and to His Message of the Kingdom.

    The Lord's "faithful and wise servant" finished his work and left with us his message. His last words to the Church, as set forth in his Will and Testament, show how essential it is for every one who would enter the Kingdom to continue loyal, and faithfully develop the fruits and graces of the Spirit. He said, "I entreat you all that you continue to progress and to grow in grace, in knowledge, and above all in Love, the great fruit of the Spirit, in its various diversified forms. I exhort to meekness, not only with the world, but with one another; to patience with one another and with all men, to gentleness with all, to brotherly-kindness, to godliness, to purity. I remind you that all these things are necessary for us--necessary that we may attain the promised Kingdom; and that the Apostle has assured us that if we do these things we shall never fail, but that 'so an entrance shall be ministered unto us abundantly into the everlasting Kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.'" '

    The article then says "ECCE HOMO!" in reference to Russell. Those words are a Latin translation a Greek phrase used in the NT about Jesus Christ. The phrase in English translates as "Behold the Man" or "Look, the man". The Latin phrase "Ecce Homo" is a also the main title of a book written by philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (a very famous atheist) and first published in 1908.

    The same WT article about Russell also says the following.

    'God gave him a Message--he gave it to men: He patiently told it again and again. ... "Behold now the Man?--Or wait world-old way To pay him the tribute we owe him today? Stand reverently now, with uncovered head, And look on 'that Servant' and honor the dead! A Man has gone from us, leaving none in his place, Yet his Message of Truth men can never efface. He'd the mind of a master, the heart of a child, The courage of Caesar, a soul undefiled. He'd the love of a father, a shepherd's kind care, The faults of a human and sympathy rare. He lifted a standard and held it up high. He lived--ready to live and ready to die!" '

    That article is very discrediting of the current WT organization for it has radically departed from much of what Russell taught, in contradiction to what the above article says must continue to be taught! One could say that WT article is damming of the current WT organization! Wow!

    Page 31 of the January 15, 1916 issue of the Watch Tower includes a letter which apparently addresses 'JUDGE' J. F. RUTHERFORD as "MR. COWARD"! The letter also praises Rutherford for sending a copy of a publication which vindicates Russell (perhaps it is the same one which page 398 of the December 15, 1916 issue of the Watch Tower advertises as "Judge Rutherford's Defense of Pastor Russell"). [See .] The letter says the following.



    I have to thank you for the copy of the vindication of Pastor Russell, which you were kind enough to send me, and which, I need hardly tell you, I read with interest, having, as you know, been to some extent prejudiced against your leader and his work.

    Its perusal cannot fail to increase my interest in his writings, as each point raised by his champion carries conviction with it to any one who enters the jury-box with an open mind, as, thanks to your interview, I was prepared to do.

    Again thanking you, and with best wishes for yourself and work, I am

    Yours faithfully, CHAS. A. SMITH.--West Indies.'

  • vienne

    Most videos that include "shocking" i nthe title are "click bait." This one is no exception.

  • Earnest

    Disillusioned JW : ... a letter which apparently addresses 'JUDGE' J. F. RUTHERFORD as "MR. COWARD"!

    This seems most unlikely as he praises the pamphlet written by Rutherford. I would suggest the key is that he thanks "Mr Coward" for the [pamphlet] "you were kind enough to send me", that "thanks to your interview" he was prepared to read it with an open mind, and that he writes from the West Indies.

    The Proclaimers book records that Evander J. Coward was sent to Panama by Russell in 1911 and then to the Caribbean islands including St. Lucia, Dominica, St. Kitts, Barbados, Grenada, and Trinidad. He obviously made an impression because when Rutherford was in prison, concerned about the WT Society, he recommended that Coward be appointed president! (Watchtower, October 2019).

  • BoogerMan

    So the “faithful slave” was not Rutherford and a few others allegedly chosen by Jehovah, but was in reality, Charles Taze Russell. Rutherfraud had no idea in 1916 that he was about to be chosen as the FDS!

    "Shall we continue to speak in our Class-studies of Brother Russell as the Lord's Servant who brought "meat in due season to the household of faith." Yes, indeed!

    We must make the distinction between Brother Russell as a creature and his official capacity as "that servant" of the Master to give out the "meat in due season." To disregard the Message would mean to disregard the Lord."

    w13 7/15 pp. 22-23 par. 12 “Who Really Is the Faithful and Discreet Slave? - When did Jesus appoint the faithful slave over his domestics? That question was answered after he and his Father came and inspected the temple, or spiritual arrangement for worship, from 1914 to the early part of 1919. In 1919, a time of spiritual revival, Jesus selected capable anointed brothers from among them to be the faithful and discreet slave and appointed them over his domestics.

  • Disillusioned JW
    Disillusioned JW

    Thanks Earnest for informing me there was a person named Evander J. Coward and for indicating that the person named CHAS. A. SMITH (of the West Indies) was writing to Evander J. Coward. That clears up the confusion I had.

    BoogerMan I think that Rutherford (but perhaps it was someone else) is the one who wrote the article praising Russell, since The Finished Mystery Mystery book also highly praises Russell and on page four calls him "the Lord's special servant to give the Household of Faith meat in due season" (see ). I think Rutherford wrote such things in order to gain more influence on the Board of Directors and within the Bible Student movement.

    I included a portion of the article so that JWs could see that the WT officially taught for a period of time that Russell was the "Faithful and Wise Servant". Notice that the article says that if readers of the WT were to disregard the teachings of Russell's Studies In The Scriptures it would mean they were disregarding the Lord, disregarding Christ who chose Russell to dispense spiritual food ('meat') in due season! The article also says we should "hold fast to that which we have". No wonder many of the Bible Students held fast to the teachings of Russell and broke away from the Watch Tower (and the Watchtower) when Rutherford started making numerous doctrinal changes!

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    We know that this letter was written by a PIMO/ ex-jw and sent these letters out to the JW's in their area. They sent us a copy to share with everyone.

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze

    The letter was sent to many churches. It had no effect but confusion to pastors IMHO. The one pastor who called me about it was convinced that it was from a JW. I told him it must be some sort of a hoax.

    That is a shame because there was much good information in that letter. Had it been more forthright instead of cryptic, it could have educated churches about what JW's are really like. Instead, it probably just went in the garbage can.

  • Vidiot
    vienne - "Most videos that include 'shocking' in the title are 'click bait'. This one is no exception."

    I didn't find the letter all that "shocking", either.

    Gave me a chuckle, though.

  • Mace.Bean

    @Sea Breeze, the letter is no hoax. The author simply stated in writing what Watchtower actually teaches in language commonly used by PIMI JWs in private conversation and at their Kingdom Halls. There is nothing cryptic about the letter at all. I have shown the letter to numerous PIMI JWs, including several elders, and they all acknowledged that the letter accurately presents current Watchtower teachings.

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