How will BREXIT affect Watchtower's interpretation of Daniel's prophecies?

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  • truthseeker

    Now that the UK has voted to leave the EU I wonder how this will impact Watchtower's thinking about the end times prophecies in Daniel and Revelation?

    Will Trump win the Presidency, and if so, will he and whoever is in charge of the UK form a new Anglo-American power? If Europe disintegrates, how will this affect their understanding of the ten kings ruling in the time of the end?


  • Bonsai

    It weakens Europe which strengthens Russia and China. Nato is in decline while Russia and China flex there muscles more and more everyday

  • konceptual99

    Who cares. There'll be a video about cuddling your resurrected brother/sister/father/mother/son/daughter in a lush meadow surround by smiling models in cheesecloth smocks along any minute.

    Cue the nodding dog choir.

  • eyeuse2badub

    No worry our British brothers! The wt will soon have some bullsh*t explanation of how this was "prophesied"!

    just sayhing!


  • Rattigan350

    Oh, please.

    The EU is nothing. They don't even all share the same currency.

    The USA needs to take over it all.

  • poopie

    Now that uk is out our eu look for gb to leave England now England can come after these secret letters that slander there citizens and protect pedophiles and not have to answer to wimpy eu

  • Wayward

    If the WT is wise, it won't prophesy anything at all. They've had too many prophecies blow up in their faces.

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