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  • Akid48

    Does the cut back for 6 magazines for the year show how there losing money or just cutting back.I feel going to begging for peoples money than just chargeing money for a magazine was kinda killing money.But they do get a lot of property and they can just sell that making money.

    It seems to early for me to make a full opinion on the topic i wanted to know what others think about this.

  • Crazyguy

    They have been downsizing a lot over the years. The biggest tell that their loosing money or just don't want to spend any anymore is when they dropped the missionaries as well as closing a branch in African near countries where their growth was still double digit. This also made me realize this cult really is all about the money. Because other wise why would you stop where your growth is good unless you realize there no money to be made in these third world countries.

  • megaboy

    Well I have no clue what goes on, but I'd assume that money has to be a problem now. From what I understand the higher ups are a mixture of people who understand its all BS but like controlling people, and people who are full on delusional and believe they are princes.

    I'm wagering that the combination of the above creates for conditions that they are focused on financial tensions to maintain survivability. Have any people who spent time at their HQ ever come to this forum? Or is this mostly where low rank and file come? From what I've researched if you go to their HQ and have any sort of solid integrity you'd pretty much high tail it out of the religion.

    Whatever the case, I doubt the org will disappear unless there is a super disaster that just forces them to close shop.

  • scratchme1010

    It seems to early for me to make a full opinion on the topic i wanted to know what others think about this.

    I kind of feel the same way, but other signs seem to be pointing to one of (what I believe are) two tings:

    • They are crumbling
    • They are shifting focus, cleaning house and liquidating for a better investment

    If you ask me, I think time will tell.

  • stuckinlimbo

    I'm just popping by to see what's happening haven't been here for a couple of years!

    Megaboy, there have most definitely been many that have left the HQ who have posted here over the years. Much of the damning information about the organisation has come from those who were in high positions.

  • Nicholaus Kopernicus
    Nicholaus Kopernicus

    Akid48: an indication of their status is the plea for money in the Jan 2018 WT (study edition).

    Hitherto, these articles were read only and printed in the WT once per year. Now they are study articles (question and answer) so a whole hour devoted to them at meetings.The last such article was several months ago with a graphic of a hand hovering above a donation box with banknote to the fore.

    So the WTBTS is getting 2018 off to a good start with their unwritten but demonstrative philosophy of TAKE! TAKE! TAKE!

  • punkofnice

    With a corporation pretending to be a religion, as are the jobos, I'd say: Follah the Dollar. Or where I am, the Sterling Pound.

    Most decisions they make seem to have their roots in financial gain.

    They've protected paedophiles for way too long. I don't believe in karma, god's revenge or that wishful thinking stuff, but I truly hope they are suffering very badly for it. (that's a different story though).

    They are a big business, a corporation rather than a bona fide religion after all.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I think each factor has to be taken separately.

    Ceasing the missionary program or closing a branch can mean they have no monetary profit from many foreign fields. Personally, I believe they had been paying for a loss in many foreign fields with the hopes that it would eventually turn around, and it never did.

    Continued reduction in quality and quantity of printed literature should tell us they see less monetary profit or even a loss from printed literature.

    We don't really know what they have done with the money from property sales. We do know they have made bad investments and have lawsuits, but we don't know where all the money is going. They do know that once a property is sold, it is gone. They cannot maintain a business model of selling properties off. I couldn't tell you if they are spending all the property money on current deficits or stashing it away.

    My bet is that they are stashing it away and preparing for continued reductions in membership and will continue selling Kingdom Halls until members have to meet in private homes in tiny groups (still years away from now). If that is the case, they should have enough money to run their rural New York Headquarters for a long time and provide some direction to the worldwide membership without a huge staff at Headquarters.

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