meandering thoughts on the memorial meal study:

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  • waton

    So, its a simple meal, wt trying to deflect away the questions about the elephants in the room.

    No record in the bible the apostles celebrating it later, until Paul writing about it. Jesus commanding it to be celebrated every year.? par. 5. -not- ( Paul writing 'every time"). Being humble, but the apostles fighting who is the greatest, while the wine still tasted in their mouth.

    Wt saying that celebration will stop before Armageddon, (because anointed will be all dead by then), but then Jesus saying "keep doing this", while talking to un-anointed OS, who had an earthly hope. so: who says it should stop, when for a thousand years they will rely on the blood and flesh to work? slowly by slaving?

    Illustration: page 21 top: illumination in the chamber: the moon in the east window and eight (Like the GB lesser lights). page 23 :"present day kingdom hall", instead, a picture in the woods, an open porch? why?

    obviously all real halls have been sold.

    feel sorry for all that have inherited this mess, starting with the talking snake, the base for it all.

    think about the wt message.

  • john.prestor

    Think about the Watchtower message? The Governing Body spends half it's time telling people not to think.

    And I'm with you by the way, their take on the Eucharist is convoluted. It's so weird watching people pass a plate of bread and a cup of wine around the room with nobody eating or drinking.

  • waton

    I think somebody in writing is pulling their legs.

    8 dim, not too bright light candles on the wall? a modern kingdom hall with no walls/

  • Ding

    Imagine inviting a lot of people to your house for a meal, setting food and drink before them, and then telling them that none of them is qualified to partake of any of it...

    That only makes sense to a JW.

  • waton
    Imagine inviting a lot of people to your house for a meal" D,

    and doing that when the instructions implied that it was not supposed to be a lot of people, but more like family, a very close circle. max 12-1. not even the 500 +500 or 5000 that would come, if invited.

  • Listener

    Waton, what Watchtower are these pictures in?

  • waton

    Listener: w magazine, January 2019, studied from March 4 to April 7.

    page 21, top image. 8 flame lamp on wall, giving light on emblems.

    page 23 top right image, caption Present -day Kingdom hall. showing outdoor memorial celebration in rustic style, open, barn-like building, by very business-like dressed, out of place group. mosquito free.

    Par 6, contrasts the small memorial meal (the original was actually more elaborate) with Martha's bigger effort. The elephant in the room is a different antecedent, the John 6 talk of eating his flesh and drinking his blood. then: re later celebrations:

    On a years later "memorial date" ( the passover night), Peter re-joined the brothers, no mention of the so most important "memorial" there.

    pages 23 - 24 par. 16. sisters "reported" and reported only on the Father's name in their report.

    watchtower of course confusing the kingdom covenant with the new covenant.

    P.S. Listener, sorry, did not see the explanation until now: "0pen sided kingdom hall in a South American country." (probably good Chilean wine too).

  • Listener

    Thanks Waton, I was looking at the February, 2019 Watchtower.

  • Vidiot

    "Meandering thoughts", huh?


    Most JW sermons are that way, after all.


  • snakeface

    You are right...nowhere does it say once a year. Nowhere does it say to go out and invite as many strangers as you can round up.

    Also, if this covenant is with the anointed only, then only the anointed should celebrate it.

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