Living as Christians: Help your Children Develop an Unhealthy Confirmation Bias Against Science

by Saethydd 2 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Saethydd

    Creation declares Jehovah's glory. However, the Devil's world promotes God-dishonoring theories about the origin of life.

    Wow, how did I once not see how crazy this crap sounds?

    One thing I notice now is how they love to focus on the "wonders of creation" but never seem to like talking about the "horrors of creation." Like the parasites that tunnel their way through your body, or the massive teeth used by predators to rip their prey limb from limb. They also don't like to mention the "creation" that engages in behavior that goes against God's own laws, like the way Bonobos engage in random casual sex with little regard for gender, or the way mosquitoes, ticks, and bats drink blood copiously.

    They also love to point at evolution and say it's improbable. The fact is though, that any natural solution no matter outlandish is more probable than a supernatural one, for the simple reason that NO supernatural explanation has ever been proven for ANYTHING! Meanwhile, natural explanations have a long history of supplanting superstitious nonsense!

    ...Okay, rant over

  • Finkelstein

    The leaders of the WTS have never studied biological evolution or the earth's geological evolution, add some astrophysics and you have mountain high of physical of evidence to support their findings of a slow and gradual evolution of all things contained in natural law.

    Religionists like the JWS heads even deny are own historical human ignorance of the world of which we live which is indefensible on all accounts.

    An inherent ignorance that spawned and created the many gods envisioned by humanity including the god of the ancient Hebrews

  • smiddy

    I look back now when I thought in my ignorance that the "Life Did It get Here By Evolution or Creation" was a fantastic work that proved beyond all doubt it had to be creation.

    I look back on those years now and find it hard to believe that was me.How could I spend 33years believing this crap and worst of all convincing my wife and bringing up two children in this fantasy .?

    Thankfully everybody are all out now ,except for one niece who I encouraged to adopt the "lie"

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