Circuit overseer secret guidebook . 2016

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  • TTaTT4U
  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    I remember Lloyd doing a video about this called "Circuit Overseer Leaks" or something a while ago. Even he said he's had a long hard think as to why the race of the appealer would be relevant in a helpful way.

    He came up with nothing.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    "his race" What the hell was that? A blunder, mischief from an undercover apostate, stupidity or racism?

  • TTaTT4U

    No female

  • OrphanCrow

    I will take a swing at this one.

    Why is race important?

    The WT's judicial process is a mini legal system - a system that sits within a larger system (even though they won't admit it). The WT's legal eagles are well aware of this and likely, they have encountered complaints from accused persons that were along the lines of complaints that could be regarded as racial discrimination in cases where the entire judicial committee were, for example, white and the accused was black.

    I think that the WT is attempting to make sure that they aren't slapped with a racial discrimination suit if and when the accused perceives a race problem in the makeup of the judicial committee that was chosen.

  • tiki

    Pharisaical rules and regs......racial discrimination lives on...misogyny reigns supreme...self righteous self aggrandizing petty men...

  • Chook

    The real bullshit is in chapter 20 about brothers to handle complex matters, their qualifications are no different from regular elders , it even goes on to say there mightn't be any in circuit qualified to handle complex matters ( which in reality says none are qualified as elders )Not only that is says list the brothers in rank of wisdom. Now all you window washing/ painters elders who can now handle the complex matter of joe the elder molestering his three year old daughter .

  • jwleaks
  • Charles Gillette
    Charles Gillette

    Legalese. The Devil is in the details.

  • minimus

    Maybe they still are Russellites at heart.

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