JW Tchotckes _ How Nauseating Are They?

by Room 215 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • Magnum

    Damn, Jofi_Wofo, how could you say that stuff is cute??? Now, if those items had Mickey Mouse and/or other Disney stuff on them, I'd agree with you. BUT... "The Best Life Ever"??? A picture of a panda in paradise??? I want to know how you feel about it when the weed you're smoking wears off.

    And don't get irritated at me. I'm not a critic; I just have the ability to criticize. I don't think you're wrong; I just think I'm right.

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    You get 4 free lapel pins with any order.

    I think I'll have the butterfly earings and the sparkly Always Rejoice stylus pen. Aw, but I haven't got my buying boots on.

    Oh you can get custom made lapel pins - now there's a challenge - what could you have written on a custom lapel pin?

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