New study - JWs by far the least educated religious group in Canada, Australia and New Zealand

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  • shepherdless
    SBF - But it would be really interesting to know the gender breakdown for different ages. Are men more likely to leave than women in their teens and twenties? If so this would corroborate the often heard complaint that there are not enough young JW men for young JW women to find husbands.

    Below is some data from the 2011 census, in %ages, rather than raw numbers. I hope it is self explanatory. General observations: the gender breakdown is not as extreme as some think, or as reported by Pew in USA, 2014. A part of the explanation is that there are slightly more women than men in the population overall, especially in the later years (women statistically live a bit longer). In order to give a true and sanguine perspective, I include the figures for the overall population as well.

    I apologize for not producing nice pretty charts, and being brief. I have a JW family milling around, potentially looking over my shoulder at any moment, even as I write this.

  • slimboyfat

    Thanks that's very interesting data. I'd say that's a pretty lopsided demographic from twenties upward.

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