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  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    It is difficult for me to say exactly what I mean on this subject. My sister sent me a link to the Oct, 2017 wt simplified article (which has been discussed about the shunning) And I found it disturbing of course, how the WT gives advice, different for each sex, along with the "unbelieving" mate dissing.

    WT - Although an unbelieving husband may not take the lead in spiritual matters, he should be respected because of his position as the head of the family. Likewise, an unbelieving wife should be shown self-sacrificing love and tender affection by her Christian husband.Eph. 5:22, 23, 28, 29.

    While a worldly husband is supposed to be respected by the wife, the believing husband is supposed to show self-sacrificing love, tender affection to the worldly wife. Why not love and respect for both? Is it because a JW husband doesn't have to respect his worldly wife's opinion because he is after all, the head? It is also a diss on the worldly husband because he won't take the spiritual lead according to the JW wife's religion. If he does have a belief system this is how it is viewed.

    WT - At times, unbelieving mates will demand that children share in pagan celebrations or be taught false religious beliefs. Some husbands may forbid the Christian wife to teach the children from the Bible.

    Of course, the Jw mate will only see it as a battle for truth against false. And a JW doesn't just use the bible. They see the WT and all the publications as being factual and more important than the bible. So how clever of the WT to make it seem that the worldly mate, is against the bible!

    WT - At first, we may not have told our family about our association with Jehovah’s Witnesses. As our faith grew, though, we saw the need to be open about our beliefs.

    Why did they not tell their family? Were they embarrassed or did they simply not even think of it as a topic? Or did they mention it and found their families concerned? But the person conducting the study is the one that will push them "to make a stand". At this point, the study will view concern from the family as persecution and that he must reject them in favor of the "truth"

    WT - Have empathy for unbelieving relatives. While we may be overjoyed about the Bible truths we have learned, our relatives may mistakenly believe that we have been tricked or have become part of a cult. They may think that we no longer love them because we do not celebrate holidays with them. They may even fear for our eternal welfare. We should show empathy by trying to see things from their viewpoint and by listening carefully to discern their real concerns.

    The WT taking the offense again. JW's will only view their families/friends concern as misguided. Really, their real concerns are that you in a cult. Not that you don't love them because you aren't putting tinsel on the tree.

    Have conflicts with your relatives that you love? (because they want to get you out a cult)

    WT - If you feel this way, strive to put your loyalty to Jehovah ahead of your love for your family. Such a stand may actually help your relatives to see that applying Bible truth is a life-and-death matter.

    It's a life and death matter to the JW, not the family. The WT wants them to tow the line and remain loyal to God them.

    How sad that we all at some time, had to run the obstacle course laid out by the WT in order to be "approved" of by God them.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    A brother is confronted by a relative about his beliefs

    I just wanted to throw in the picture for a laugh. Look at the religious items on the wall, on the bible and of course, the evil xmas tree. I bet the ones that decorated the tree, secretly enjoyed it. Hey how come they have pagan images on their premises? Probably the demons look on and rejoice.

  • smiddy3

    WT - At first, we may not have told our family about our association with Jehovah’s Witnesses. As our faith grew, though, we saw the need to be open about our beliefs.

    That description fits me down to a tee 59 years ago when i was 19 years old and converted to the JW`s and indoctrinated that I would be persecuted by members of my own family for learning the "truth" and I withheld that information from my then GF { now my wife} until I was stronger in the faith.

  • waton

    The big difference is how they want to be nice to unbelieving mates (even recognising the legal right of an unbelieving husband to "call the shots" in the family), but all that does not apply to disfellowshipped, DAed, other family members, they are to be treated in the rudest unchristian manner.

  • MrRoboto

    smiddy had a worldly girlfriend? Im telling!

    I found this article surprisingly less culty than the usual drivel, mainly because they didnt push for the wife to override the "unbelieving" husband if he didnt want her teaching the kids (from the bible), taking them to meetings and herself doing service on a particular day if he wanted her not to.. so say Saturday is the usual day and he doesnt want to spoil weekend family time, maybe she can pick another day.

    My experience is in agreement with other comments that the fam is really just concerned about the cult you just joined as well as not being able to do the usual family customs (birthday/xmas etc) not so much your everlasting life, but ymmv as my fam wasnt religious anyway.

    And I was so utterly sure that it wasnt a cult, how perposterous an idea! Go back to your pagan tree worship, mother!

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed
    Yeah, once you accept their line of being the only true religion and that the leaders would never do anything against god's holy spirit - everyone else is to be pitied and viewed as wicked...
  • carla

    Are they studying this now by chance? By my jw's behavior of late I would say yes.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    Carla - It was the OCT wt 2017 so I'm guessing it was recent. How much it affects JW's probably depends on how entrenched they are in the religion. I'm haven't been to my mom's house in a month, so I'm not sure how it will go with her.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    I spoke with a woman who left the Borg last year, and her husband was NOT a Jdub.

    He went to the public talk with her with her shortly before she left and the brother giving the talk had one of those "no name, no place, no nothing/details illustration" where

    #1. It's in a foreign land #2. Witnesses are trying to escape #3. There is a military guard at the border checking identities.

    The guard asks the lady at the front of the line: "Who here are Jehovah's Witnesses?" She points to the 20 or 30 of them, and then he asks "Who here is NOT a Jehovah's Witness?" She says, "Well, the last guy on the end comes to the meeting, but he is not baptized, so he's not a JW." The guard then pulls out his gun and shoots the guy in the head.

    At this point, the sister's (non-JW) husband stands up and says, "Come on dear, we are leaving, I am not going to stay here and get shot in the head!!" ... and they left... that was part of the beginning of the end for her. He took her to a church down the road where all the songs were happy, the talks were about love.... and not being tortured or getting shot in the head!

  • MrRoboto

    yay cha ching! yay for him and for her. he may have dodged a bullet there ( no pun intended) if he had instead gone the following week, he may have been drawn in instead of repelled.

    Shes a lucky woman!

    and he's lucky to get her out and keep her.

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