At last something about JWs on a German news site.

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  • Driving Force
    Driving Force

    For anybody who understands German.

    It is quite rare that a German news site actually puts something up about JWs, after all they are insignificant from a newsworthy point of view. But I like the fact that they have put this up.

  • vivalavida

    Very well balanced article. But I bet the only reason it got published is because of the number of views she received in YT. Ich w√ľnsche ihr das Beste!

  • smiddy

    The translation says that Masha Root was born into the religion and decided at the age of 16 she no longer wanted to be a part of it after having been in a relationship with a worldly person and was ratted on to the Elders by a "friend" .

    Her u-tube has been visited by a quarter of a million viewers denouncing JW`s as a cult.

    She was baptized as a witness at the age of 12 and since leaving a couple of years ago she has lost her" friends" and parents and is being shunned.

    Thats what I gleaned from the broken english translation .

  • Driving Force
    Driving Force


    Thats about right.

    But its highlighting the cult, and n-tv is a fairly well visited news site.

  • crazy_flickering_light

    At the last time there been some german articles. A lot of them linked at the german Sub at reddit, r/exzj.

    But this is a very good article.

  • TheOldHippie

    Now at last she can do what she always wanted to do - og to the movies, listen to music, have a glass of wine.

    I wonder in what religious group she was raised - could not have been JWs if movies, music and wine were taboos.

  • slimboyfat

    Left at 16 like Jonathan Saunders. I missed this the first time round.

  • prologos

    she says that when leaving, she realized, it was not "the world" but the witnesses that sapped her energy, well written, thanks for posting

    TOH: "- wonder in what religious group she was raised - could not have been JWs if movies, music and wine were taboos.

    She referenced the strict upbringing in her family, who, in the black and white world of the german soul, could have been more restrictive than official wt guidelines.

  • TheWonderofYou

    I follow her on youtube.

    A further subject of the article is:

    - sexistic structure in the cult is the world view of Jehovahs witnesses

    - discrimination of women, what a man says has higher value

    - the pressure not to have worldy friends is so high that one is afraid to get involved with people outside the community.

    - after she left the cult 2013 , her mother said: "Now a have lost my second child", her first died. Her mother was loud and aggressive accused her to destroy her, the mothers, life and prophecied her to end under a bridge, in a life without ever feeling love.

    - Masha contacted social pedagogue in the school and was removed from her family, and felt that it was not the "World" that created all these problems but that the religion, these people, this community and her own parents took away all her power.

    - the cult spares nobody, homosexuality is strictly punished, such affinity should be surpressed to please Jehovah, otherwise Satans' success ratio would raise.

    - She lost everything and now for the first time in life she feels free, without a bad conscience to do what she fancies, watching a film, listen to music, drinking a glass of bubbly, to tattoo, all these little things constitute the great.

    - Grown up in the truth she many years tells people that JW is the only true religion, out of love to her parents and to God with 12 years she gets baptized and became offical member. She enjoyed her preaching service, goes from house to house and missionized. For a long time she believed what the "sisters" whispered in her ear when they met people who didnt believe in God. Those, so she heared, would "croak at the doomsday", however she would get into the paradise.


    Now she works as fashion designer.

  • TheWonderofYou

    "Over the years she was not so urged to satisy her parents. This was the moment when she asked herself about her activity. "What am I doing here actually and with what do I lollygag my life, lifetime that is valueable? I go from house to house and realise that nobody wants to listen anyway. Nobody wants to see me here. I disturb the private sphere."

    Masha lost interest in the service and the congregations. Her change didnt remain undiscovered. Sheperds visit her to "retrieve her to God". But Masha felt surpressed by the "Love Bomb" and the - how she felt - "put-on friendliness" of the disciples of Jehovah.

    The whole article appeared under the column: Manipulation, abuse and loss


    From her video: "Who I am":

    "I live alone since age of 16, now I am 18, I like the uncommon, in my body flows german and russian blood, german are more courteous and reserved, Russian more direct and provocative, what makes it often difficult to adopt to new situations. The older one grows the more independent one gets. Now I am living in Berlin a colourful and loud city, therefore I am exactly at the right place. You can be here like you want. The city is in constant change like fashion, therefore I makes an education as fashion designer, the multitude of colours, shapes and possiblites to employ them fascinates me, from the design till the production..All steps are interesting, i like to watch an idea growing and to create things. Althoug the most fashion shows last only few minutes, much work is behind it. Before a colletion gets on the market many designs have to be performed and fabrics have to be selected. Everything happens under serious time pressure. Everything is not so easy as may be the impression."

    "The same was true in my past life. From early age I was urged to her seemingly happiness. I grew up in cult. There I was told what I shall do and especially what I should avoid. I didnt have the opportunity to freely develop myself. But however I get out and the time has come. .. I have found my happiness and want to focus now on my dreams. The whole thing I am sharing in my video clips with you, share with you the big and the little moments as well, the little moments without which make life joyful".

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