They have nowhere else to go!

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  • LongHairGal


    It takes courage to leave the religion and it’s not for everybody and I’m not judging them. I agree that alot of JWs have nowhere to go. If they’re too old let them stay in the religion.

    Anybody else that wants OUT has to plan their exit carefully and keep quiet. They have to get new friends and associates and this takes planning. When you leave this religion the rug is pulled out from under you. A JW with a business with JW customers has to plan twice as carefully.

    I planned for my “fade” and I’m glad that I got out. I had my ups and downs in the early years but it worked out okay. I wish everybody good luck and success in their post-JW journey.

  • smiddy3

    I truly feel sorry for those that have woken up to TTATT themselves but still have family members that are die-hard JW`s still in like spouses or adult children or parents and are afraid of losing them through shunning or DF or Da .

    These poor bastards {I mean that in a nice sense} are held to ransom by the WT/JW Society and they genuinely feel they have no place to go.

    That is the real EVIL of the WTB&TS their policy on shunning, DF, DA, and ostracizing anyone who just leaves the religion .

  • zeb

    Crazy-guy. re the marking of wt. I have seen the opposite where some wt are multi coloured with many pens and the owners never speak up... ever.

  • atomant

    You would be surprised how many dubs are fence sitters.lve asked many witnesses how do they really feel about the truth.Many have doubts more than you think.Many just say what else is there?Where would l go?What other religion even comes close to ours.?lf l left l would have no one. l enjoy the social side.Many dubs are actually apostates.

  • Drearyweather

    Among the fence sitters, there are many Jw's who have doubts, however, they are sincere believers who love their God and want to continue as JW's. These are the ones who happily wait on Jehovah to correct matters.

    Leaving JW's is not an option for them. It is like you may hate Donald Trump and his policies, but that does not mean you have to leave America and settle in another country.

  • Phizzy

    The Propaganda and Mind Control has really got through to the ordinary JW, we hear exactly, verbatim, the same phrases coming from them "Where else is there to go", "What other religion comes close" etc etc

    When I finally woke up, I simply left, I could not be part of a Religion that taught Lies.

    I did not know where I was going to go, I did not even know if Mrs Phizzy would stay in the Cult and make my life Hell, she didn't I am happy to say, but as a previous Poster said, the JW's of today have no love of Truth, no Moral Compass of their own, their actions are all dictated by the GB.

    Pathetic lot of Wimps.

  • Alive!

    "Among the fence sitters, there are many Jw's who have doubts, however, they are sincere believers who love their God and want to continue as JW's. These are the ones who happily wait on Jehovah to correct matters."

    Agree. Sadly, those same ones are prepared to see others suffer loss and misery for their personal convictions that Jehovah wouldn't teach by manipulation and lies.

    But, there is no doubt, many faithful witnesses believe they are 'holding the fort' whilst waiting for Jehovah to correct things.

    In the meantime, their faithfulness means they have to shut their eyes to proven slight of hand, smoke screen tactics.

    Converts like me, didn't sign up for that....and are left distressed and broken by it all...and so we have to face the pain of disengagement from it all.....quite horrible.

  • usedtobenotanymore

    I faded about two years ago, had been losing faith for some time, was lesser in attendance in ministry and meetings but like you said-had nowhere to go. My family, (now ex) husband and his family were JWs, all my friends. It was out of the question to imagine my life separated from all the people I knew and loved. Fortunately I found the courage through a friend at work and have built a network of friends who are now as close as family.

    Since I'm not disfellowshipped I still have contact with my parents. They are devout, convinced that I'm just "lost and searching" but that I'll eventually find my way back to "the truth". So on my visits with them every few months the conversation inevitably leads to debating the truth. And as much as I want to wake them up, want to win the debate and for them to recognize it's all lies....I also know that it means they would have to leave everything they know too. And being older and in a small town I don't know that they could handle it. They are incredibly social people and are kind of a social lynchpin in the congregation so leaving would be devastating to them not having friends and get togethers. I almost am glad they stay in the organization just because they'd be so desperately lonely if they left. :(

  • EverApostate
    Where else would you go ? Is a question asked by Dubs to those who rebel or fade

    Why should I go elsewhere ? Abandon all religions and Just live my life satisfactorily after having realized this is the only one

  • sir82

    You know how some people are not exactly in love with their partners / significant others / spouses / what have you, but are more in love with the idea of being in love?

    I think a lot JWs are in love with the idea of being a JW.

    They like the idea of "having a real purpose in life", living forever in a paradise, seeing dead grandma again, that this is the "best life ever", etc.

    Of course, the reality of being a JW is that it pretty much sucks well over 90% of the time. Boring meetings, door to door drudgery, gossiping elders & elders wives, lame "get-togethers", guilt over not doing enough, fear of being DF'ed, etc. etc. etc.

    But - they've also bought the illusion that the Watchtower sells them - that "the world" is a stinking putrid hell-hole of gut-wrenching gloom and relentless despair for everyone who is not a JW. 7.5 billion non-JW people and everyone last one of them is either cartoonishly evil or wretchedly miserable (or both). And that is what awaits you if you leave Watchtower-world.

    So - it's back to the gawd-awful meeting, back to the mind-numblingly boring assembly, back out to pointlessly knock at the doors of empty houses, back to stand glassy-eyed next to a cart that virtually everyone ignores....year after year....

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