save dogs from vivisection in Brazil

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  • Tammie

    I got the following email:
    (names/emailaddresses removed)

    this petition is not in English but we all know what vivisection (surgery performed on a living animal in medical reserch) involves so please show your support against it by signing this petition. (Just make up a number for the ID.)

    >Subject: save dogs from vivisection in Brazil
    >This last week an important reaction took place in Brazil against vivisection, especially now that the city administrators began to donate stray dogs for medicine classes. A big demonstration (500 people, unusual number if you consider that abandonned animals is th issue) took place today in front of Santa Casa Hospital in São Paulo, where classes with the killing of healthy dogs started last week. There is a site about today's event: .

    >There is also a Petition in that has already collected over 1500 signatures in 3 days. I ask your help in order to increase this number. Can you spread it around your friends? We have got signatures from other countries too, as you can see in the lists. In the field where an ID number is asked, you can write "american citizen", or "italian", or whatever.
    >Thank you,
  • Prisca

    I think there are far more important issues in this life to worry about than rather a dog gets killed or not.

    If people are so concerned about stray dogs in Brazil, one would hope that the issues of abandoned street kids/domestic abuse/aids etc have been addressed, otherwise people have some weird priorities.

  • StinkyPantz

    Ditto Prisca

  • NewSense

    This is supposed to be a forum about issues concerning Jehovah's witnesses. This bull**** about dogs in Brazil is totally irrelevant. Please don't clog up the forum with this goddamn tripe. And, by the way, many many significant medical breakthroughs come from work on animals; in fact they can only come from such work. These discoveries help save countless *human* life, and ten million mangy mutts aren't worth a fat rat's ass in comparison to one human being's life. So, in summary, take your bull**** about mangy little bow-wows and stuff it where the sun doesn't shine. Or, barring that, at least post it somewhere else!!!!!!!

  • Tammie

    If this is about JW related issues, then STOP TALKING ABOUT GEORGE BUSH, AND ALL THAT IS GOING ON IN THE WOLD. Sheesh bite my head off will you.

  • observador

    Prisca, I couldn't say it better.

    There are more homeless children in Brazil than dogs, and I don't see many people concerned. And I know what I'm talking about.


  • Descender

    Really people, I skim through this site every few days and I'd say that about 30% of the threads are usually about something non-witness related. What's so much worse about this one than one of the countless other miscillaneous threads. Just don't like dogs maybe?

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