"Jehovah's Organization"

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  • Wild_Thing

    I was thinking about this phrase. When you get baptized, you belong to "Jehovah's organization". When you go out in field service, you are. representing "Jehovah's organization". When you get disfellowshipped or become an ex-JW, you leave "Jehovah's organization".

    This is a very cult-like tactic. It places the organization above reproach. It creates a sense of this untouchable being that is running the organization. So if you don't like something, there is no one to appeal to because it's "Jehovah's organization". "If he wants to change the policies on child sex abuse, he will, so just keep praying."

    If everything is run by the big invisible guy in the sky, then no one has to take responsibility, and members are blinded into assigning blame for their troubles onto anybody else but themselves because it's "Jehovah's organization".

  • jws

    One of many, many things they do to subtly direct your thinking. It's not a church, it's a Kingdom Hall so that you know we're different than the other religions.

    I have a religious friend who starts spouting these phrases he picked up in his church too. This is the same as "politically correct" words used by those from all political spectrums. It takes a concept and uses a word to focus your thinking on it.

  • FedUpJW

    I have made that comment/question to most of the JDubs I know. It gets me the "squint eye" and a frown every time, but I keep on saying it. "Why do you elevate an organization to a position equal to God?" Then I let t hem know I will put God's word above that of the WT. I answer to God, not WT. (we all know where I got THAT idea.)

  • JakeM2012

    Jehovah=WTBTS just read some of the wt articles and interchange the words. They are God!

  • stuckinarut2

    Good point.

    It particularly comes out when you receive a letter from "Jehovah's organisation"

    There is NO PERSON that signs off. All letters come from "watchtower bible and tract society", or some other entity they use in that region.

    No matter who authored the letter, it merely comes from "the society"

  • eyeuse2badub

    It would sure be nice if the "imaginary owner" of the organization would show up once in a while, you know just to let us know that he is still around and all. But it appears that the "imaginary owner" only stirs the imagination of those imagining his image. Imagine that!

    just saying!

  • Ding

    As I recall, though, one of the defenses the WT tried in the Candace Conti case was that JWs who are out in field service aren't acting as representatives of the WT organization; they are just individual volunteers. That way, the WT wouldn't be legally responsible for their actions.

    Apparently, the organizational mindset stops at the courthouse door.

  • smiddy3

    one of the defenses the WT tried in the Candace Conti case was that JWs who are out in field service aren't acting as representatives of the WT organization; they are just individual volunteers.

    Another one :

    Where Mr Unthank took on the W.T. organization in a Morwell court about the Faithful & Discreet Slave Class the J.W.appointed lawyer said words to the effect that the "F&DS class was just a theocratic Arrangement" and nothing else.

    In this same court case brought on by Mr.Unthank the same excuse was used that Jehovah`s Witnesses were not employees of the WTB&TS they were only volunteers so the organization was not responsible for actions of the volunteers.

    When Geoffrey Jackson the Australian Governing Body member gave evidence under oath whether he believed Jehovah`s Witnesses were the only religion approved by God or words to that effect he stated " that would be presumptuous on my part to say that"

    Vincent O`Toole a Jehovah`s Witness Lawyer under oath at the ARC testified when asked about "Theocratic Warfare" as is practiced and sanctioned by Jehovah`s Witnesses Organization stated that he had heard the phrase but never knew what it meant ..

  • Wild_Thing

    They regularly appoint and remove members from the status of "publisher", a person that participates in their ORGANIZED ministry. They systematically train their publishers on how they want the organization's information to be presented. They organize and hold meetings and assign car groups for this activity.

    They have no problem claiming that their ministry is "organized" until they step inside a courtroom. Then, they're like ... "We don't have anything to do with our members going door to door, proselytizing, and tracking data on houses we visit. They are doing that on their own!"

    It is amazing they are not LEGALLY caught in their own lies more often.

  • Whynot
    This is just sooo appalling! How do they sleep at night?

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