Why I think the Trinity doctrine is an irrelevant talking point with JWs, and what I believe could be a better approach.

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    Old Navy

    I've never believed in a Trinity as defined by the Roman Church. I was never a Catholic, never indoctrinated by any other "religion" prior to my affiliation with the Jws, but had read much of The Word in my early teens and came to an understanding of The Almighty and His son The Firstborn of Creation.

    The Word isn't clear on how many other sons were created prior to the physical creation but to me it seems reasonable that many may have been.

    We on Earth, and any other physical beings which may exist, have life because The Firstborn Son wanted us. The Firstborn Son therefore took ownership over all that he and his Father together brought into existence. All that has happened in the history of Earth and man was not a surprise to The Almighty One or His Firstborn Son since they knew how things would transpire. The Firstborn Son had agreed from the very beginning to assume human form as The Son of Man in order to accomplish his work as The Lamb of God. Following successful completion of his human life, a necessary experience, he also experienced necessarily a very painful death. Then a resurrection to increased position and glory in the Heavenly Realm because he had proven his obedience and faithfulness.

    While we have some idea of the extent of the Heavenly Family, The Word doesn't reveal in complete detail its fullness. At some future time we will come to know.

    It's a marvelous story which, from our human perspective, is really just beginning. What is yet to come is going to be absolutely amazing. Well, once some ugliness brought to us by the "bad guys" has come to pass.

    The Jw teachings in the 50s were pretty much in agreement with what I'd already come to understand from my study of The Word. Other aspects of their doctrine, dogma and practice, however, were a turn-off. While they have some few things "right" they have, to their shame, a lotta things "wrong."

    I believe that Lord Messiah has been resurrected to a life quite similar to his Father and that he does have "deity." Is he equal to his Father? No, he tells us that he is less than his Father, but he could be thought of as our God; In addition to the Almighty One his Father. The Son of God has the authority to act on behalf of his Father since they are "one" in all things.

    Do many here believe the Trinity Doctrine?

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    It almost seems like they view the NT as an inconvenience my little experience with them. It seems like they would like it much better if they were Jews and didnt have to even deal with Jesus. But then again maybe in wrong?

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