Can We Sue The Watchtower For Mental and Emotional Harm Do To Its Mind Control Techniques

by Humphry 16 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Humphry

    I know right now this might not fly, I'm hoping for a more enlighten society in the future to find a way to get rid of these annoying parasites, and just testing the waters so to speak.

  • JC323

    For a legislature to put this into place would be impossible. That would mean if someone is mean to someone else they can sue, if someone doesnt say a kind word to someone else they can sue. What you are suggesting is impossible.

  • JeffT

    I smart lawyer would cite the fact that we're all here as proof that WTBS doesn't control people's minds. Those that don't like being part of the religion can, obviously, leave if they want to.

  • Jazzbo

    Throwing money down the drain.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas


    YOU can, but I've got better ways to waste my time.


  • Humphry

    Yeah like a date with Rosie Palma.

  • LV101

    Nope -- no one forces you to be a member of the church. It's a free country and you don't have to be going to that particular place of worship (church -- as bad as I hate to refer to it as a church). If it was shoved down your throat as a child at some point you turn the legal age of 18 and you can split. The suffering is real from the cult.

    I understand your hope -- you're not alone.

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