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  • baker

    Even Baptist didn't allow us to see The Exorcist. It was promoting the Catholics we were told. I went anyway. The dumbist movie in the 80,s was Superfuzz and The Gods must be crazy.

  • ILoveTTATT2
    Wow how long did it take you to write this thread? You must have lots of free time on your hands
    I don't have to go to cult meetings... so yeah... hahaha
  • slimboyfat

    I like a good movie. And I think Breaking Bad was the best thing for TV ever.

    I can live without seeing Karate Kid II however.

    I've thought I should keep a diary of what I read and watch. If I'm going to spend a couple of hours watching or reading something, I might as well write a few sentences about it.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Borne films were intriguing.

    How about "Pride and Prejudice"

  • slimboyfat

    The Incredible Lightness of Being

  • blondie

    Going to see George Takei's Allegiance on Broadway today.

    We have personal friends where the father had been in the camps and his son worked with us and campaigned to get restitution from the US government.

  • ILoveTTATT2

    Just finished watching Passion of the Christ.

    Watching as an atheist made it kinda interesting. The story, fake or not, is compelling. It's a nice story and maybe that's why it has become universal...

    Although I kinda felt sad for Jesus because he was obviously delusional and that led to his death... so... yeah.

    Next up is Brokeback Mountain, 2005.

  • FeelingFree

    It might be worth suscribing to NOW TV movies. They have loads of the films you want to watch on there. Just pay monthly price and that's it, cancel anytime. We've been doing it for the kids as there's so many disney and family films on it. Well worth it! Your list is pretty immense, a lot of them I need to watch too. People can't believe I've never seen the breakfast club!

  • ILoveTTATT2

    Just finished Brokeback Mountain. I would have never watched it as a JW, and even if I had watched it as a JW, I would have had vastly different reactions to it.

    As a JW, I would have probably stopped the movie half-way.

    As an exJW, liberal, atheist, I see the story for what it is: a very sad love story in which two people who love each other can't be together, mainly because of the society in which they live in.

    I saw a 2006 movie, so next up is "No Country for Old Men"

  • ILoveTTATT2

    Finished "No Country for Old Men" and "Precious".

    Found "Precious" to be the most painful to watch movie I have ever experienced. Wow. Cried so much...

    The depths of despair!!

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