Which Religions Forbid Outside Research?

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  • AnonVet
    My definition of a cult is just this:

    If you are not allowed to research outside of your religion's published sources, you are in a cult.

    What other religions (cults) are there that absolutely forbid outside research on threat of punishment / shunning?
  • Crazyguy

    Mormons, Scientology.

  • schnell
    That goes for a lot of things, political cults and abusive relationships as well. The idea is to create an echo chamber of circular reasoning that isn't painlessly escapable.
  • Steel

    Today me and my wife visited one of her friends from the Kingdom Hall who is about 90 years old.

    She kept going on and on about this book she was reading about the second coming of christ. She then showed us and it wasnt anything printed by the WTS. It was actually an evangelical book.

    I laughed . I wasnt sure if she was losing her marbles or just didnt care anymore. Anywho i told my wife to keep her mouth shut about it. I think one of her studys in the old folks home might be converting her.

  • slimboyfat

    It's not quite true of Mormons. It may be that ordinary Mormons are told to avoid critical literature. At the same time they have a small army of academic Mormons who do little else but read and refute literature critical of the church; activity sanctioned by the church, and much of it in collaboration with Brigham Young University. JWs have nothing comparable to this.

  • schnell

    I agree, slimboyfat.

  • scratchme1010

    What other religions (cults) are there that absolutely forbid outside research on threat of punishment / shunning?

    Some people have mentioned Scientology and the Mormon church. I could mention a number of these groups, but I think it's the wrong approach. Based on what I know, the label cult doesn't describe exactly what you may want to convey, which is a practice that ranges from simply hiding facts, to discouraging members from researching, to have it as a rule not to do research, to shame, mock, shun or ridicule people who do research, to punish people for doing research, to kill people for doing research. If you see, there are degrees of severity in which such groups apply or enforce their control over others.

    As such, it's not easy to just identify one group, hence, there are different opinions about the Mormon church falling into that category. Professionals in the area of those types of groups say that there's not such "list" of groups that take such actions due to labeling being misleading (hence, they may get in legal trouble for doing so), and also because the degree to which such actions are taken and applied to followers, along with the way those actions are applied considerably vary.

    However, that said, here are some groups, some of them no longer existing, where people I know have mention had such strict rules against people researching what they claim/teach, or researching about who they really are:

    • The Westboro Baptist Church - I met one of the children of the founder of that church (those are the loonies that boycott military funerals and run the "gay hates fags" website), who left. He was completely isolated from the world and severely depressed. When i met him he was in the process of learning basic social skills and working on facing his fears around doing simple ordinary things that he was not allowed to do growing up in the family of the founder of that church.
    • Some Karate-based "school" in Pennsylvania (the name of it escapes my mid) - Members who questioned that "school's" methodology, "learning lessons" and coerced inappropriate physical contact between members were beaten by all the members. One of them ended up in a comma.
    • The Black Hebrew Israelites - Those are the loonies that stand in cities yelling nonsense about the "White Devil". If you join them and want to leave (or decided to make contact with your own family), or if you ask one too many questions, especially if shaming you doesn't work, you get punished. I met the woman who lost her son to them.
    • The International Society for Krishna Consciousness - Those are the ones who dress in orange tunics and go around singing. People who questioned their leadership will go without food and/or water. They have rules around everything and nobody is to question them, or else.
    • The WT Bible and Track Society - They have judicial committees, a system of reprovals, and mostly manipulate and keep people at bay by gossip and rumors. They convince people that not doing as they are told will earn them living outside their "spiritual paradise" and will... well, I think you know the rest.
    • AAA - This group claimed to be a spin off of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous). They claim to have achieved excellent results with their improved version of the 12-step approach to people who are in recovery from alcohol and/or drug abuse, except for the fact that they (a) separate men and women from their spouses (b) physically punish people who are sinful (girls who are too pretty, boys who are not too masculine, etc.). They manipulate byhaving their members not question a single thing. If they do, they throw on their faces that "AAA saved you from drugs" and the shaming and manipulation goes on and on.
    • John Muhammad and Lee Malvo - those are the people later known as "the Beltway Snipers". - Lee, under the influence of John, Lee felt into a disassociate state when he became a co-perpretator in the crimes committed by them both. Lee was convinced that as his "child-soldier" he was going to be "dishonorably executed" if he did not follow the rules imposed by John.
    • Some paramilitary Christian Group in Virginia - Those who want to leave or question the leadership of that group get beaten, cut with knives and leaf in the woods to die. I met one survivor from that group who was left to die. Her story is heart breaking, especially since she still has people in that cult.
    • Some other Christian cult in New York and Florida - The consequences of researching or questioning anything was having you and your entire family sexually assaulted, all of them, including babies, children, males and females. I met a couple who escaped that group (and yes, they were both sexually assaulted). They were married when I met them, but the guy had a different wife while in the cult. He was in a bitter custody battle of his son. His former wife was still in the cult and allegedly wanted to keep the son there, but the truth was that the real reason was that she was going to suffer consequences in the cult if she lost the custody battle.
    • An organization I prefer not to mention - This group in New Jersey and Pennsylvania convinced parents that their children had severe discipline, drug and learning problems. They would be sent their children to them, parents will pay a lot of money to "help their children". The children were kept in captivity. Nancy Regan with her ridiculous, laughable "just say no to drugs" campaign visited that place in the early 80s where they put up a great show for her. A year later 3 children were dead, and all of them were malnourished and living in horrible conditions. The place was finally shut down and the owners were prosecuted. Being there was already reason to get punished, so no need to even do any research.
    • Eric Witte - under the influence of her mother, this guy killed his father and helps burying the dismembered body of his grandmother. The consequences of not "doing what mother said" were that everything bad in the family was his fault.

    Then there are the ones that made the news:

    • Heaven's Gate
    • Free Domain Radio (considered the first Internet-based cult)
    • Jim Jones and his church
    • David Koresh and the Davidian sect
    • Jeffrey Lundgren

    I hope this shed some light. Cults are not to be taken lightly.

  • WTWizard

    And what about groups that ban discussion outside the Establishment? Whether it be discussion about the source of a war or terror attack, discussing a cure for an illness that the Rockefeller system is profiting from and is close to exterminating more "useless eaters" (Kissinger's term for people), or anything that might help them enslave you, these groups do not want people doing outside research. And the list is quite long.

    For starters, how many Holocaust deniers are not just shunned, but prosecuted? In many countries, questioning the official doctrine is a major crime. Not denying it, just questioning the extent of it. Just doing the math, watching the videos, and doing the research is banned. They even made doing accurate research impossible by destroying most of the original evidence. Is questioning such an event a real crime? Is bashing anyone for even bringing it up any better than the jokehovians that bash people that disagree with their theology?

    And, the 9/11 terror attack. The official narrative is that the planes hit the towers, created a fire, and the fire destroyed the buildings. Plenty of home videos exist that prove otherwise--one of the buildings that came down was never hit, and some of those videos show charges going off just before the buildings came down. Is attacking someone for mentioning this any better than attacking someone for questioning the 607 lie?

    Not to be outdone, the cat lick church is the grand-daddy of the whole information suppression. They sought out those with knowledge that would contradict with their official doctrine, intended to enslave the masses in misery, and tortured them. Basic knowledge of space was lost, and people were arrested for teaching that the earth might not be the center of the universe or that it was shaped like a sphere (roughly--it is not really perfect) instead of like an old phonograph record. Much medical knowledge was lost, resulting in needless deaths for preventable and easily curable diseases.

    Today, we have widespread suppression of science. Cures for all major diseases are suppressed so people can suffer needlessly (while Rockefeller gets more of your money). Free energy is suppressed, creating energy shortages and needless expense while Rothschilds and Rockefellers get rich. We have sacred "scientists" that are nothing more than scam artists, where it is a crime to question their "knowledge" that does nothing more than stifle real advances (such as traveling faster than light). That f***ing space shuttle was nothing more than a means to croak the whole space program, and it did stop us from reaching Mars and beyond. (Not to mention the number of them that blew up.)

    And this "fake news" crap--is this an attempt to force people to trust media that intentionally lies to keep the people sick, broke, and dumb? They go all out to suppress alternative viewpoints that might debunk stories of an original incident that can be milked for infinite debt, that might allow people to prevent or cure diseases, or that could have solved our problems with energy and food shortages without resorting to inefficient (corn ethanol?) or dangerous (genetically modified foods that just give resistance to patented pesticides?) means.

    Yes, the jokehovians do practice all of this information suppression. But, I think it is quite widespread outside the jokehovians as well. The whole political correctness, tolerance (where everyone equals everyone else), and attacks on anyone that might post different ideas suggests that joke-hova itself is leading the whole earth to its damnation, and that it will forcibly attack anyone that tries escaping or even protesting (as it did during the cat lick inquisition). Joke-hova itself is the source of all damaging cults, and it should not be taken any more lightly than those cults that are identified as such.

  • shepherdless

    I seem to come across the Exclusive Brethren a bit. I gather they have some pretty fierce shunning rules, and members are not allowed to access the internet at all. It seems like Watchtower on steroids.

    I haven't heard the Amish described as a cult, but surely they are, as well.

  • Finkelstein

    If you are not allowed to research outside of your religion's published sources, you are in a cult.

    Just about all religions frown on critical research from a outsiders perspective, why ?

    Because they cant control that information and if its contravening to what the leaders have established around themselves as God's chosen ones for example, they risk losing that power and control. ....... and as in the WTS. supporting money.

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