Swearing on the bible

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  • Lost and adrift
    Lost and adrift

    On the subject of truth. ....

    I was always under the impression that one of the reasons jws couldn't do jury duty or go to court etc was that we were not allowed to swear on the bible. ..as in I swear to tell the truth the whole truth etc etc

    I know this because when I was in court for my divorce I froze in fear because I had to swear on the bible and I actualy feared the elders would find out haha. ..

    Anyway I was like super shocked watching the Australian commision and saw even the GB guardians of the doctrine swore on bible

    ....so like was I brought up told that lie or was anyone else under the same impression....

  • OneEyedJoe
    I don't think I ever heard of a problem with swearing on the bible. If there isn't anything in JWdom advising against it, it would still be one of those things that I can see JWs getting worried about, thinking they might've missed that rule of whatever.
  • leaving_quietly

    In this case, you've been lied to by men, not by WTBTS. There's very few references to this topic, but:

    w76 pp. 447-448, says "no Scriptural objection to doing so" and "a Christian may choose to comply."

    it-2 p. 518: "For instance, as Jesus illustrated by example before the Jewish high priest, a Christian would not object to taking an oath in court, for he is going to speak the truth whether under oath or not."

    As for jury duty in general, WTBTS has been consistent in saying it is a conscience matter, but just as consistent in discouraging it in the very same articles.

  • stuckinarut2

    Jury duty was always looked down on by witnesses!

    They would treat it like a taboo act that would get them in trouble...


    Swearing on the bible

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  • Island Man
    Island Man
    If I'm not mistaken Watchtower at one time taught that it was wrong to swear.
  • zeb
    The elders and the infamous Jackson all swore on the bible at the ARC.
  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    I personally knew a sister who was jailed for refusing to serve on a jury - because she could not swear on the Bible as demanded. There was no alternative offered back then.

    Rather than pay a fine, she went to jail. An unknown benefactor paid her fine and she was released after 2-3 days. J.W's assumed it was the richest J.W. family in Scotland at the time who paid the fine. They quietly helped many impoverished J.W.'s when they were in business.

  • talesin

    In Canada, you don't have to swear on the Bible or anything. You just swear on your own good name. That is a fact - I've been a witness in criminal proceedings more than once. We are a secular country.

    I'm shocked that anyone in the USA or Great Britain (even more shocking) would have been fined or jailed for such nonsense. The Searcher, in Canada, there's always been other options, your comment boggles my mind.

    Edit: I do remember that years ago, we were told it was wrong to swear on the Bible, but we could request a different 'swear'. Swear on the "Book"? Hell, no! I don't know if it is written down, but it was a rule.

  • Carol1111

    In Great Britain you don't have to swear on the Bible.

    You can ask to affirm.

    What is the point of swearing on the Bible if you don't believe in God?


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