What to say? I Don't want to go to meetings anymore?

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  • OneEyedJoe

    I've said this a few times here, but my favorite response (though it takes a little luck for them to phrase the question just right to set you up) is the line from office space. I did this once and it caught the elder so off guard that he just scowled and walked away.


  • MarkofCane

    Say you have been working more to save for your retirement, since it appears their's no end in sight.

    Tell them you've come down with Tourette syndrome, "sometimes I blurt out words I don't intend to say". "Dick head" then smile and walk away.

    Tell them your following the WT lead and saving to build yourself a larger home.

  • fastJehu

    @ Drifting Away

    Ask back: "Who spread the rumor, I would not attend the meetings?"

    Not going into THIS hall doesn't mean, you don't attend at all.

    Maybe you are going to a different hall. So there judgement isn't OK.

    This works for me thince 3 years.

    And not one JW asked more questions like "what hall you are going".

  • Drifting Away
    Drifting Away

    Thanks for all your responses, Huge fan of office space.

    Usually I just say" We are doing good, how are you guys", and dont give them a chance to pry into my personal life. Funny thing is the elders have not asked me why I am not going, they just stopped by to say hi and encourage. I have said " We are doing fantastic, thanks for asking" and I think they think we should be depressed, when in all honesty we have never been happier.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Have you ever heard of the red pill, I took it and I found out how deep the rabbit

    hole goes and I found the truth and nothing more.

  • Khaleesi

    I simply stop attending & was asked by some when I show up sporadically very happy & up beat like nothing, i simply said I was doing great When THEY Asked Abt "We Haven't seen you" I respond my scheduled changed & crazy that's it.... about FS, i finally told them I wasn't going to be reporting hours for the time being, if anything changes I would let them know, they inquired that "something must be wrong or going wrong" I reiterated nothing is wrong everything is great, so just for the time being I will not be reporting hrs & once it changes I will inform them asap, all calls & texts stopped after that.... it felt soo great to take power back & informing them how i will be doing things from here on out, not letting them to dictate the rules & WHAT I SHOULD do, NOPE I tell them...

  • millie210
    Drifting Away
    But what do you say when people ask "Where have you been"?

    I answer "Oh Ive been doing great, how bout you?"
    (big smile and interested in their answer)

    For some reason, using "their" word (been) seems to allow me to get away with substituting/changing, the first word from "where" to "how".

    I have used this hundreds of times and only once did the person insist: "No! I said WHERE.....

    to which I just laughed merrily and said "oh! I thought you were asking me how Ive been..."
    (which is a much more civil question and people instinctively know that)
    I follow by saying, well Ive been right here but as to how Ive been, IM GREAT and how are YOU???? You look _________________ ( fill this blank in with whatever you feel is appropriate ) I usually fill in the blank with a compliment. I want to leave them feeling good and glad we spoke but at the same time, I want to direct the conversation along non "JW speak" terminology.
    If its any comfort, this goes away after a while and people just say hello like normal people OR avoid you altogether.


    We have received a few calls and visits. But

    what do you say when people ask "Where have you been"?

    On the Other Side of This Door..

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  • stuckinarut2

    They expect that you must be: sad, depressed, sick, unhappy, lonely, in trouble, poor, homeless, starving, scared etc etc...They have been told that anyone who is not seen actively engaging in witness life MUST be suffering a bad life.

    As has often been said on this forum:

    "The best revenge is to live a happy and successful life"

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