What happened with Dr. Applewhite's supplementary report? Mistery solved

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  • betterdaze

    Moneyca Appleshite makes her living $elling “educational programs” to institutions involved with children so they can 1) lower their insurance premiums, 2) avoid expensive litigation, and 3) reduce payouts to victims.

    That’s it. She doesn’t give a damn about victims, her motives are purely financial. 110% on the side of the ABUSERS all the way, whoring herself out particularly to churches.

    So when Father McHandy touches little Bobby the altar boy, the Church can turnaround and say, “But we have a program in place, you can’t sue us, it’s not our fault.” She then pops in and protects them in court: “They met the standard of care, at the time.

    From her bio on the Park Dietz website:

    Dr. Applewhite is able to provide clear answers to the question of whether an organization did or did not meet the standards of care for prevention, detection, and response to abuse at the time. Dr. Applewhite has provided opinions and reports regarding the standard of care in the civil litigation context in both a consultative and testifying capacity.
    Bold mine, italics theirs. This seems to be the crux of her business: If there was no standard of care, at the time, then no crime really occurred. But WHO establishes that standard of care? Why, Dr. Appleshite does! And she’s got a program to sell you too!

    This is how her bogus testimony fell apart. She was saying that because the WT wrote an article in the early 1980’s, they were way ahead of the Catholic Church in addressing the issue. Therefore, the “standard of care” at the time was met because essentially, there was none.

    Make no doubt about it: This wretched bitch is all about protecting church a$$ets, never the children.

    And yes, I’d like to register my utter disgust with her employers, but then they’re basically tapeworms, too.

  • Magwitch

    Betterdaze.....Make no doubt about it: This wretched bitch is all about protecting church a$$ets, never the children.

    Spot on!

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