what is the # 1 reason people join the JW's ??? what attracts people ???

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  • frenchbabyface

    to me it's all about hope, fear and weaknesses

  • Blueblades

    As already stated,there are a number of reasons why people join JW'S.But,if pressed for the # 1 reason which is your question I would think it is "THE CARROT".

    The carrot is ,as repeated by the WT. "Everlasting Life" "Eternal Life " "Live Forever "YOU will NEVER DIE in this system of things!

    Every article,talk,meeting and etc.ends with it happening SOOOONNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So,who want to grow old ,get sick and die,no one does.After all the double talk which many don't see through,we all see the "CARROT"and reach out for it ,because that's what we want.

    This I think is the # 1 reason combined with all the other reasons given.


  • stillajwexelder

    I think wednesday is correct

    know the living forever on a paradise earth, where we will all be young and perfect, is a big draw.

  • pamkw

    For my mom and grandma, they were going through a bad time in their lives. Later I think my grandma stayed in because her daughters were both jw, and she lived with my aunt and uncle. She had many questions about the org, but only shared them with me because we were close and I wouldn't tell anyone. My mom on the other hand uses her religion as an excuse to stay in her bad marriage. After all God will end it soon, so it doesn't matter how unhappy she is. That way she does not have to be responsible for her actions, since God will take care of it soon.

    It is such a waste of a life. It makes me sick


  • JH
    So why do people join ??? what is the attraction ???

    Some people have nothing in life, and a paradise may sound interesting. Some join because they are all alone in life, and all of a sudden they make 100 friends and more. Some are different and don't fit in with normal people, so they join such groups such as the JW's. I guess that everybody has their own reason for joining. Some people join because they believe that they have the truth.

  • just the facts please
    just the facts please

    Well I thought of joining to court the favor of my girlfriends parents who are JW's. (selfish motive) My girlfriend however is a "non practicing" witness but her parents are definitly the real thing. So I took the literature and it sat around my house for a few years I pick it up and read it and I got confused everytime. I was a christian, but in the very since of immature. So these ideas were definitely not what i grew up believing. So I could never embrace what was said. So I prayed for spiritual help. I started to read the gospel of Matthew Mark Luke and John in a non JW Bible and I the truth was displayed before me. So i realized that me professing to be a Christian but not walking the walk was definitely not good testimony. I try to read the bible daily and I started attending a local church. God has opened doors for me and things that kept me in bondage have no desire in my life (alcohol). I had been shutting Christ out of my life and when I look back that is when most of the undesirable parts of my life took place.

    I have tried to share my testimony with my girlfriend of 5 years but her ears seem shut. She doesnt want to talk about "religion". I love her very much. This grieves me. She said to me that when she noticed a difference in me and my attitudes and speach it was the first time in 5 years that she felt we might not make it as a "future" married couple.

  • Hapgood

    At the time I studied with the JWS I had a crises going on in my life. I was newly married at 18 (I know too young), moved 300 miles away from family and friends, and my Mom and Dad were going through a divorce. I was very lonely, had a hard time making new friends, and I missed my family that was falling apart desperately.

    The JW couple that studied with us were about the same age as my parents and they sort of adopted my husband and myself as one of their kids, instant family that replaced my family that was falling apart and 300 miles away. Their kids were our age, so instant brothers and sisters. We were loved bombed royally, instant friends. So we felt liked we belonged to a group that truly (so it seemed) cared for us.

    Plus, I had a real fear of death. The JWS taught that I would possibly never die and live forever on a paradise earth, after all I was baptized in 1975 and the end was ever so close.

    I just consider myself lucky that I didn't get involved with a cult that was worse than the JWS considering how easy I was duped and how vulnerable I was at the time.


  • micheal

    Instant security.

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