Watchtowers next big revenue stream!

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  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    They could repackage it as Buddhist.

  • Overrated

    I'm sure listen, Obey and be Blessed (Broke). Can work for any venue of faith.

  • HowTheBibleWasCreated

    There are several song in the JW songbook that are universal. I already mentioned the eastern religion song of 77.Using Jehovah is not restricted to JWs. If Pollyanna, Indiana Jones and Ben Hur can say it as well as Life of Brian in just all can. Truth be told most Christians know the name of God in the KJV at least is Jehovah. In factI listened to a podcast of a normal dude reading the KJV that at Exodus 6:3 figured out LORD is Jehovah.

    Since many protestant religions use Jehovah the JWs can sell their songs easliy.

  • JWTom
    Same question I posted on another thread on this topic. Any intelligence or background on how this happened? For existing JWs this is a pretty significant sign that things are in the ditch. But likely few will see this video or even know this has been done.
  • Earnest

    The Watchtower Society is suing for unauthorised use of this song here.

  • hoser

    Free songwriters, free construction workers, and free lawyers and they still keep begging for money. Jehovah must really be a bad money manager.

  • Vidiot

    They should use all their state-of-the-art studio assets to produce a true-to-the-text movie adaptation of the Revelation Climax book.

    It’d be the most batshit crazy thing ever seen.

  • tresdecu


    I apologies for calling your post strange. lol. I just saw this thread and put 2+2 together:

    I cant believe some fool would use JW song lyrics for his 'own' music, I am cracking up..LMAO

  • joe134cd

    I can’t believe how stupid BMG music group was to do what they did. I’m really on wt side for this one, and I’m a rabid apostate. Lol

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